A Center In Football And Their Responsibilities On The Field

Center in football: Have you ever heard about this term? This position requires a lot of skills and attributes, especially physical health and a very smart brain. Why is that? Let’s follow the article below to answer this.

What is a center position in football?

What is a center position in football?

A center position is an offensive player who snaps the ball and shields the quarterback from opposing defenders. The offense’s center of the field is where this position lines up. You are one of just two positions that make contact with the ball per play.

Furthermore, offensive line centers frequently decide which defenders the line will block. For this reason, they frequently identify defenders before the ball is snapped.

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What does a center position football do?

What does a center position football do?

Snapping the ball

It is what distinguishes the football center position from the others. Each play will be signaled by the center passing the ball back to the quarterback between his knees.

Even while snapping the ball is typically done accurately, mistakes can be expensive. A turnover can simply result from a poor snap. As a result, snapping the ball becomes a crucial part of the game.

Pass protection

A center in football is essential for pass protection as well. Centers are most likely to engage defensive tackles in pass protection since they are the offensive lineman in the middle of the line.

This is a challenging undertaking because defensive tackles are the strongest players on the defense. Though centers have a much easier job of pass blocking than players at the end of the line, such as tackles, because they play in the middle of the line.

Leading the offensive line

Leading the offensive line is another duty of this position. Although they are not the highest salary, centers are frequently referred to as the offensive line’s quarterbacks.

As a result, the center position football is in charge of coordinating communication between the linemen and between the line and the quarterback. The quarterback is informed that the offensive line is prepared for the play when the center assumes his place.

How to play a center in football?

Like any role, this position can flourish at their job if they possess a few crucial characteristics. Let’s examine some of the crucial elements required to be a great center.


How to play a center in football?

Although it may seem obvious, strength is a quality that is necessary when playing center position football. As we already mentioned, centers are often in charge of engaging defensive tackles from the other team.

This is a challenging undertaking because defensive tackles are the biggest and strongest players on the field. Additionally, this position frequently has to move these players out of the way on rushing plays and block them on throw plays.


Effective communication is one of the most crucial qualities a center in football can have, despite the oddity of the statement. You must make sure that you and your teammates are on the same page when playing this position.

When playing the center position, a single communication error might easily result in a turnover.

Football IQ

Center Football IQ

Another key consideration when playing center is IQ. As we previously mentioned, it is typical for the center to identify the defenders that each lineman should block.

Blitzes can be stopped with the help of this kind of intelligence. Since the center frequently knows which players should be picked up and by who.

Additionally, the person in the center in football must constantly be informed of the situation on the field. if the quarterback decides to take a snap right away. Since the formation will be complete around the center, it is up to him to rapidly assume his position.


Famous players in the center of the football

Famous players who play in this position that would like to introduce in this article are Travis Frederick, Chuck Bednarik, Maurkice Pouncey, and Will J.K. Dobbins.

Travis Frederick

Travis Frederick

Frederick was regarded as the NFL’s most dominant center in football from 2013 to 2017. Frederick has shown to be a quality center for the Dallas Cowboys and is one of several great linemen on the squad. 2013 first-round pick Frederick. He had won every game he played in during his first five NFL seasons and was a four-time Pro Bowler. He agreed to a six-year, $56,4 million contract in 2016, making him one of the most paid centers in the league.

Chuck Bednarik

Chuck Bednarik, an NFL Hall of Fame linebacker and center, played both positions with the Eagles. In 1967, he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame after participating in eight Pro Bowls. In 1969, the NFL chose him to play center for its 50th-anniversary squad. 

Maurkice Pouncey

Maurkice Pouncey

In the 2010 NFL Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers selected center Maurkice Pouncey 18th overall, making him the highest-chosen center since Damien Woody, a former American football offensive guard. Pouncey and the Pittsburgh Steelers agreed to a 5-year, $44 million contract deal in June 2014. Pouncey was selected for the Pro Bowl nine times.

Will J.K. Dobbins

Will J.K. Dobbins

When selecting J.K. Dobbins with the 55th overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Baltimore Ravens decided to consider their roster and postpone other needs. Dobbins, an exceptionally gifted center in football and running back, is poised to be the future in his current position because of his innovative approach.

James John Langer

James John Langer was a professional American football player who played center and guard for the Miami Dolphins and Minnesota Vikings in the National Football League. He was one of the best centers in NFL history by BBC Sport.

We believe this article has provided a clear definition of a center in football and its important duties. Also, we have kept updated on a variety of this sport positions on the website American football terms. Follow us to read more. 

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