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Alliance of American football betting: The Alliance of American Football kicks off this weekend, and the inaugural season will draw some interest from football fans, bettors, and broadcast networks.

The AAF is the new professional football league founded by producer Charlie Ebersol and former NFL general manager Bill Polian. The eight teams in the league will each play a schedule of 10 games, followed by one week of playoffs and a championship game in Las Vegas.

The AAF will operate as a non-NFL developmental football league. The league has some prominent partners including MGM Resorts, which will serve as the official sports betting sponsor and gaming partner. MGM will provide new technology and a state-of-the-art experience for fans to engage in the games. The marketing and technology platform will offer fans the ability to watch, wager, and win through traditional sports betting and live in-game wagering. Also, In-Game Fan will be a play-by-play fantasy sports option that will be introduced in the future.

Alliance of american football betting

In an announcement with MGM, Ebersol said, “Together we can revolutionize the sports wagering experience for fans in a way that’s never been done before.”

The games will be broadcast on the CBS networks, Turner Sports, and its platforms TNT and B/R Live, along with the NFL Network. The games can also be streamed live on the AAF app, which will offer fans three basic features according to Ebersol: the ability to live-stream games for free, watch a fully animated version of the game and engage in games where users can, for example, guess the next play, win points and level up.

The AAF has some recognizable names and experienced college and NFL coaches leading the new teams along with former NFL players serving in various advisory and personnel roles within the league. Many former college players are on the rosters, and approximately 70% of the players in the AAF have played in the NFL in the past 18 months. Every player in the league has an out in their contract to play in the NFL if that opportunity arises, and each player is signed to a three-year, $250,000 contract.

AAF Rules That Are Different From The NFL’s

Rules that the AAF has implemented include no kickoffs, with possession starting on the 25-yard line following a score, and all extra points are 2-point conversions from the 2-yard line.

If there is overtime, each team gets the ball on the 10-yard line with four downs to score a touchdown followed by a 2-point conversion.

Pass-rush rules for defenses allow no more than five players to rush the quarterback and no blitzing from players in the secondary.

Championship Odds And Week 1 Lines

Setting the championship odds along with the Week 1 lines is a bit more challenging for the bookmakers as there is no history of the teams, games, players, or power ratings. It’s more of an adjustment period, and like any new market offering, “there will be some learning curves, as well as soft lines along the way,” BetDSI spokesperson Scott Cooley told me. “Oddsmaking has so much to do with precedent and public perception, and we mostly have neither here.”

“As with traditional football, we analyze the teams thoroughly—coaching staffs, starters, reserves, three-deeps, etc.—to create a base rating. Then we look at the rules of the game itself and identify any differences from traditional football that might impact the expected proficiency of a team. Finally, we consider adjusting odds for outlier variables such as fan base, weather, injuries, or high-profile players/coaches,” Cooley said.

Here are the AAF championship odds and Week 1 lines from BetDSI, which has also provided regular-season win totals and a few fun props. The Arizona Hotshots are the favorite to win the 2019 championship.

The Week 1 line and championship odds can vary at different sportsbooks.

Alliance of American football betting

Week 1 Odds

  • Atlanta Legends at Orlando Apollos (-5.5, total 44.5)
  • San Diego Fleet at San Antonio Commanders (-5, total 43.5)
  • Memphis Express at Birmingham Iron (-1, total 40.5)
  • Salt Lake Stallions at Arizona Hotshots (-4.5, total 42.5)

Odds to win AAF Championship (Las Vegas, April 27, 2019)

  • Arizona Hotshots (+250)
  • Orlando Apollos (+300)
  • San Antonio Commanders (+400)
  • Salt Lake Stallions (+500)
  • Memphis Express (+600)
  • San Diego Fleet (+600)
  • Atlanta Legends (+800)
  • Birmingham Iron (+1200)

Also, the Westgate SuperBook in Las Vegas has provided championship odds, and you can see the difference.

  • Arizona Hotshots (+250)
  • Orlando Apollos (+500)
  • San Antonio Commanders (+500)
  • Salt Lake Stallions (+400)
  • Memphis Express (+1000)
  • San Diego Fleet (+1000)
  • Atlanta Legends (+500)
  • Birmingham Iron (+1000)

Arizona Hotshots regular-season win total

  • Over 6.5 (-110)
  • Under 6.5 (-120)

Orlando Apollos regular-season win total

  • Over 6 (-115)
  • Under 6 (-115)

San Antonio Commanders’ regular-season win total

  • Over 5.5 (-130)
  • Under 5.5 (+100)

Memphis Express regular-season win total

  • Over 5 (-120)
  • Under 5 (-110)

San Diego Fleet regular-season win total

  • Over 4.5 (-130)
  • Under 4.5 (+100)

Salt Lake Stallions regular-season win total

  • Over 4.5 (-120)
  • Under 4.5 (-110)

Atlanta Legends regular-season win total

  • Over 4 (-115)
  • Under 4 (-115)

Birmingham Iron regular-season win total

  • Over 3.5 (-110)
  • Under 3.5 (-120)

Orlando Apollos vs. Atlanta Legends AAF Opening Day attendance (according to CBS Sports)

  • Over 26,000 (-115)
  • Under 26,000 (-115)

San Antonio Commanders vs. San Diego Fleet AAF Opening Day attendance (according to CBS Sports)

  • Over 28,000 (-115)
  • Under 28,000 (-115)

Will any AAF player or team be investigated for match-fixing, wager-fixing, or prop-fixing in 2019?

  • Yes (+600)
  • No (-1000)

AAF’s total years of existence (beginning in 2019)

  • Over 4.5 years (-140)
  • Under 4.5 years (+110)

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