American Football History and Rules

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American football history and rules: American football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Check out this article to find more information about American football history and rules.

1. Main Idea Of Football

American Football, a well-known full-contact sport is followed by English Rugby in the 19th century. The aim of the game is to bring the ball across the field into the opponent’s end-zone.

Today football is one of the most popular sports in America, right behind baseball. Every year the Super Bowl is a big event like the World Cup.

2. The Team

An entire football team consists of more than 40 men. But only 11 men are allowed to play at the same time for their team. There are several positions in a football team. There is an offensive team and a defensive team. The offense includes:

+ two Wide-Receivers, whose job is to get the ball passed and make the points,

+ two Running-Backs, who have to make the running game, that’s when they get the ball handed by the Quarterback, who is the head of each team, he organizes the whole offense and is always in direct contact with the coach.

+ two Tackles, two Guards, and a Center. Their job is to protect the Quarterback from getting tackled by the opponent.

American football history and rules

Also is there another player in the Line of Scrimmage, that is what the first line of offensive players is called: the Tide End, he is a special player who can be used to block or catch the ball.

Then there is the defensive team, consisting of two Ends, two Tackles, three Linebackers, two Cornerbacks, and to Safety. All those players have a simple job, to stop the opponents from getting in the end-zone and pointing. They are allowed to use all kinds of techniques to prevent the opponents from getting in their end-zone. (More in “4. The Rules”)

A special player is a Kicker, whose only job it is to kick the ball between the two bars at the end of the field, to earn a point.

3. The Field

The regular field measures 120 x 53 1/3 yards. It is divided into two end-zones, a playfield which is sided on both sites by the team zones, where the not playing team members and the coaches have to wait. From one end-zone to the other it takes 100 yards.

The playfield itself is divided into many short marks, which are important for the following rules. (see 4. The Rules)

In every end-zone, there are two straight-up standing bars, a bit different than the soccer goal but it has nearly the same use.

4. The Rules

Most people think there are not many rules to play that game, but they fail. This game is not just about taking the ball from one end to the other, trying not to get smashed by a big guy whose only job it is to break your bones, it is just more than that.

To get clear about all those rules it has to take more than just 2 or 3 pages, so I give you a short summary of the most important rules of American Football.

Each team has 4 tries to bring the ball to the first down. That’s 10 yards. If they succeed they get another 4 tries. The aim is to get the ball to the end-zone, which gives 6 points and a bonus kick. This kick called a field goal gives another 1 point.

If one team is not able to make a down (4 tries) they just got one chance to point with a field goal. (That’s the situation the Kicker is involved in the game) This field goal is worth about 3 points.

These opportunities are all just for the offensive team. The defensive team is also able to point, by a so-called Safety. That is when the defense stops the opponent in their own end-zone. 2 points.

These are the main chances to point in this game.

Football is a full-contact sport and so you are allowed to use all kinds of tricks to stop your opponent, e.g. jump on him, slide between his legs, cling to him…

Still one point, the offense decides when to start the game, and so all players have to stand still, to that point the offensive Center hands the ball to his Quarterback. If anyone moves too quickly the referees throw little flags on the playfield and the game stops.

In the past football was too hard, so hard that some guys died in fact of this full contact. So the NFL and all other leagues improved their rules to protect their players from getting really smashed. There are also helmets, and this other stuff to protect bones, legs, and especially the genitals.

5. The Referee

In a football game, there are 4-7 referees who make sure that all rules are followed. One of the referees has a microphone to announce the decision, for the coaches, the teams, and also the audience.

The referees have to interact when this happens:

– Time Out – Touchdown, Extra point, Field goal – Personal Foul (forbidden holding below the belt or grabbing into the mask) – Illegal Use Of Hands – Offside – Illegal Motion – Holding – First Down – Illegal Contact – Delay Of Game – Pass Interference – Incomplete Pass…

6. Word From The Author

One last word:

To make this report I used some internet pages, books, and magazines to get the information needed, but I wrote the whole text all by myself.

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