Arsenal 4-2 Aston Villa: Back to the top of the Premier League

Arsenal was trailing twice, but Arteta’s squad fought bravely to come back and win 4-2 against Aston Villa in an early match of the 24th round of the Premier League.

Arsenal 4-2 Aston Villa

Arsenal still had defensive lapses that led to goals and wasted numerous scoring chances with Nketiah and Odegaard being particularly unlucky. Nevertheless, the Gunners displayed a determined and resolute style of play, showing a strong desire to break free from their recent poor form.

Arteta’s squad faced a difficult match at Aston Villa, being down twice to their opponents, but they managed to level the score and explode in the added time with a two-goal burst, securing a final 4-2 victory.

With the additional three points from the 24th round of the Premier League, Arsenal has accumulated a total of 54 points, regaining the top spot on the table as Manchester City has yet to play.

Arsenal traveled to face Aston Villa with the determination to secure a win and continue their fight for the top spot with Man City. However, the away team was dealt an early blow as they conceded a goal. In the 6th minute, Cash won the ball from Zinchenko and passed it along to Watkins. Despite Watkins’ poor first touch, he quickly accelerated past Saliba and shot past Ramsdale to score the game’s opening goal.

Just six minutes after conceding, Arsenal shook Aston Villa’s goal frame with a header from Nketiah that hit the crossbar and bounced out. However, the referee had spotted an offside by the Arsenal player. The Gunners’ fans did not have to wait too long to see an equalizer.

In the 16th minute, White crossed the ball from the right, Mings cleared the ball not far away, and Saka quickly executed a half-volley that put the ball in the net. The fast and clean finish by the Arsenal forward left goalkeeper Martinez with no chance to save.
After equalizing, Arsenal increased the pressure to search for a goal to take the lead. However, before they could score, they conceded their second goal. In the 31st minute, Moreno crossed from the left flank, Buendia let the ball go through to Coutinho, who scored and increased the score to 2-1.

The second goal of Aston Villa put a lot of pressure on Arsenal, and they struggled to attack. After the break, Arsenal faced many difficulties as Aston Villa organized a tight defense and counterattacks.

In the 56th minute, White crossed the ball from the right, Nketiah jumped high to beat the home team’s defender and headed the ball, but the crossbar prevented the ball from going in.

In the 60th minute, starting from a right corner kick, Zinchenko received the ball inside the penalty area. The Ukrainian player decided to shoot towards the near post from just outside the penalty area, and the ball went into the net at the right post to bring Arsenal level at 2-2.
After allowing Arsenal to equalize, Aston Villa made some personnel adjustments, but Emery did not change tactics, only replacing tired players with fresh ones in the same positions. Therefore, the match remained open as both teams did not give up their goal of winning three points.

In the 78th minute, Konsa made a serious mistake by allowing Nketiah to steal the ball on the left side of the penalty area. The English forward passed the ball to Odegaard for a shot near the corner of the penalty area. The entire Aston Villa goal was wide open, and goalkeeper Martinez was also drawn to the left, but Arsenal captain missed the chance and shot the ball wide.

Aston Villa’s counter-attacking style carried many dangers as their forwards had all been replaced. In the 83rd minute, Bailey rushed up on the right side and shot from inside the penalty area, hitting the crossbar and bouncing out.

In the 90+2 minute, Duran carried the ball forward in a “two-on-one” counter-attack, but unfortunately, the Aston Villa striker lacked speed and his shot from the right side of the penalty area was not very dangerous. Ramsdale was able to push the ball away.
In a surprising turn of events in the third minute of stoppage time, Jorginho took a shot from outside the penalty area. The ball hit the crossbar and bounced off Aston Villa’s goalkeeper Martinez’s head into the net, helping Arsenal increase their lead to 3-2.

In the eighth minute of stoppage time, the entire Aston Villa team joined in on a corner kick. The away team was able to steal the ball and launch a quick counter-attack, with Martinelli receiving the ball in front of an unguarded goal. The Brazilian player sealed the 4-2 victory for Arsenal.

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