What Is The Difference Between Australian Football vs Rugby?

Australian Football vs Rugby: Australian football and rugby are two of the most popular sports there. The two sports are comparable in many ways, yet there are also many variances that make the games incredibly different. We will examine all the variations between two of the most popular sports in Australia in this article.

General introduction

rugby vs australian football

Australian rules are predominantly a kicking game, whereas rugby is primarily a running game with the ball in possession. While in Aussie rules, players score by scoring a goal, players in rugby score by grounding the ball over the try line.

Unlike rugby, which is played over two 40-minute halves, Australian rules last over four 20-minute quarters. Rugby is played on a rectangular field, while Australian Rules is played on an oval. Compared to a rugby ball, the Australian rules ball is longer and thinner. They do not have an offside clause.


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Comparison of Australian football vs rugby

The field

The field of australian football vs rugby

Australian football and rugby rules football pitches are slightly different in shape. A typical rugby field is 70 meters wide and 100 meters long, while an AFL field’s dimensions could be different.

The shortest length, which is difficult to specify to the nearest inch, can be between 135 and 185 meters long and 110 to 155 meters wide. Thus, compared to traditional fields, AFL fields have a bigger surface area.

One of the first things every spectator would notice is the difference in a field form. Australian Rules Football is played on an oval field, as opposed to traditional rugby, which is played on a rectangular ground. These two fields have one thing in common: they are both grassy. Cricket pitches that have been converted to rugby fields or used for various sports are usually AFL fields.

The league

The league of australian football vs rugby

Length of the match

Despite the fact that both games last 80 minutes, the division of the game varies for rugby and AFL. Rugby is in two 40-minute halves that are clearly distinct from one another.

AFL quarters, on the other hand, are 20 minutes long. One could argue that the end of the second quarter also marks the end of the first half. The difference in game length between 2 sports is significant.

An Australian rules football or rugby match lasts the same amount of time in total. However, because of the lengthier breaks, Australian rules games are much longer. Additionally, the clock stops more frequently for them.

Rugby matches typically last around 100 minutes, including any interruptions. A game of Australian rules football, however, can last for more than 120 minutes, possibly even up to 150.


Regular rugby involves 15 players on the field, and each game allows for seven substitutes. Each side in the AFL has an additional three players, for a total of 18 players. Because there are more players in Australian football, there are fewer substitutions—only three are allowed.

The ball

The Australian Football League ball is difficult to recognize from a rugby ball, despite the fact that a rugby ball can be clearly different from an American football one.

Both balls are shaped like eggs, but the AFL ball looks to have a more pronounced “hump.” It also has seams, unlike most other rugby balls, which make it easier to hold, catch, and sprint with.

Rugby vs Australian rules football

Regarding the rules of these two sports, will help you compare the rules for running the ball, passing and tackling.

Running the ball

australian rules football vs rugby

Regarding the rules, you can run with the ball in Australian football. However, you must bounce it once every 15 meters like a basketball player. Australian rules football players frequently choose to kick rather than run because it is a quicker and more effective technique to gain territory and create scoring possibilities.

Rugby players run with the ball for as long as they like, which is a key distinction between the sport and Aussie rules. Players in Aussie rules are required to bounce the ball once every 15 meters of running. Aussie rules players are likely to kick the ball rather than run because of this rule.

Passing and tackling

Passing and tackling

In addition to the apparent variations that spectators can see, the passing and tackling rules also differ slightly. The field’s shape is the most obvious example of this. Rugby, as we all know, forbids forward passing when it comes to passing but AFL only permits punching or kicking the ball.

The fact that a clean tackle by the defense players does not suggest the ball is “dead”. Besides the game continues is one of the most striking characteristics of tackling in rugby. The same is true in AFL even if the tackles aren’t as difficult because the athlete doesn’t have to be put down in the end.

We have examined every distinction between 2 famous sports. Hopefully, you have enriched your knowledge of Australian football vs rugby. Moreover, our website American football terms always update the latest news on this, follow to read more.

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