Best South American Football Teams

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Best South American football teamsSouth American football might not be on par with European football, but it has produced Nemour’s world-class talents. Undoubtedly, South American fans are some of the most passionate football fans in the world. South America’s produced some of the world’s most famous clubs. Here are the top 10 best South American football clubs.

Top Best South American Football Teams

Top Best South American Football Teams

10. Santos

At number 10 is Santos. Santos is a Brazilian club. It has won the Brazilian league 8 times, Copa Libertadores 3 times and Copa do Brasil once. The club has given some of the greatest football players like Neymar, Robinho, Pele, etc.

9. Corinthians

Corinthians is also a Brazilian club. With 7 league titles, one Libertadores, and one prestigious FIFA Club World Cup Corinthians is one of the greatest clubs in Brazil. Tevez, Ronaldo, Socrates, etc. are some of the former players of the club.

8. River Plate

The Argentinian club has a rich history full of silverware. River Plate has won 36 league titles, and 4 Libertadores. However, the club has failed to win any silverware in the last decade. It gave world players like Crespo, Ortega, etc.

7. Boca Juniors

Boca Juniors is an Argentinian club and are arch-rival of the River Plate. In terms of league titles, they have been crowned champions 36 times. On the continental stage, the club has won 4 Libertadores. Players like Maradona, Palacio, and Tevez have donned the Boca Juniors jersey in the past.

6. Penarol

At number 6 in the top 10 best South American football teams, we have Penarol from Uruguay. Penarol has 50 league titles and 5 Copa Libertadores. Although, since 1987 the club has not won a title at the continental level.

5. Colo-Colo

In 5th place, it is Colo-Colo from Chile. The club has won 32 league titles, 11 cups, and one Copa Libertadores. Colo-Colo is one of the best clubs in Chile and produced several players for the national team.

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4. Olimpia

The 4th best club in South America is Olimpia from Paraguay. Olimpia is the most successful club in Paraguay with 43 league titles and 3 Copa Libertadores. The most prominent player to don the Olimpia shirt is Roque Santa Cruz, the current captain of the Paraguay national side.

3. Atletico Nacional

At number three it is Atletico Nacional. The Columbian club has performed impressively in the last decade. Atlético Nacional won 7 league titles in the last decade. The club has received a lot of limelight and is transferring into one of the big powers at the continental stage.

2. Independiente

The 2nd best south American club is Independiente from Argentina. The club has won 16 league titles and 9 Cup titles. Moreover, the club has won 4 Copa Libertadores and is the only club in history to win 4 consecutive Libertadores titles.

Independiente’s form dipped and they were on the verge of relegation but lately, the club is back on track on the pathway of recovery.

1. Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is definitely the best south American football club. The Brazilian club has won 21 league titles, six Brasileirão, and three Copa Libertadores. The club is one of the biggest powerhouses when it comes to Latin football.

Sea Paulo has also won one FIFA Club World Cup title and is also the second most financially valued club of Brazil.

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