What Is A Brace In Football?

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A brace in football (soccer) represents a single player scoring two goals during a match. Considering that the average soccer game has less than three goals, having a player score two of them alone is an achievement. If a player can get three goals in a game, they get a hat-trick.

So why is it even called a brace in soccer? Do the goals need to be back to back, and who has the most in their career? Here is the entire breakdown of what is a brace in soccer!

What’s a brace in football?

What does brace mean in football??

The origin of the term “brace” goes back to Anglo-French Language. The phrase meant a pair of arms. 

What does brace mean in football? Brace in football is when an individual footballer scores 2 goals in a single football match or game. So, when a player scores a brace, it means they have scored two goals in a match.

Can More than One Player get a Brace in a Game?

More than one player can earn a brace in a single game. There is no cap on how many players can score two goals during a match.

Can you Obtain a Brace During a Soccer Shootout?

Shootout goals don’t count toward a brace accomplishment. However, if a player scores a goal on a penalty shot during regular playing time, that will count towards their brace. Getting a brace accomplishment only occurs during standard match time.

Does a Player get a Physical Medal for a Brace?

There is no physical award for achieving a brace in football. However, just like other achievements on the field, the accomplishment gets added to a player’s stat line.

Why is it called a Brace?

Some may know that scoring three goals in a single game is called a hat trick, which is in itself a strange term with roots in cricket. Legend has it that the term came from when a player scored thrice in a match and the crowd celebrated the achievement by pooling their money to give him a hat.

Perhaps a less commonly known term is a brace of goals. The origin of the word brace in the context of meaning a pair of something comes from the 1400s in reference to the Old English term for killing two animals while out hunting.

Those top soccer scorers are definitely on the hunt for points. And if they get two of them in the same game, they got a brace.

Since this term comes from an Old English word, it is mostly used in conversation by British commentators and fans. So, don’t worry if you haven’t noticed it outside of those areas. Since soccer is a global sport, it makes sense that there are many terms in different languages.

Brace Rules – Do Both Goals Have to Occur Back-to-Back?

what is a brace in football?

  • 2 Goals Scored In One Game (Stoppage Time & Overtime Included)= Brace

Similar to the rules of obtaining a hat trick, the two goals must be scored by the same player during a game. But a soccer player doesn’t need two consecutive scores to record a brace of goals. As long as the soccer player scores two goals during a match, they will get this recognition. 

For a player to be considered to have scored a brace, both of the goals must come before any penalty shoot-outs. This means goals scored in the first or second half, as well as any stoppage time and extra time periods, will be counted towards a brace. However, since the penalty shoot-out is considered a team achievement, none of the goals scored there count towards any players’ individual statistics.

For example, you can shoot the soccer ball into the net during the first ten seconds of the match and then record the second goal in the last ten seconds. Even if other players and teams score between those times, you still get that accomplishment.

Who Has the Most Number of Brace Accomplishments in History?

ronaldo braces

Which Players Have the Most Braces? Cristiano Ronaldo has the most brace goals in history as of January 2022. Ronaldo leads the pack with 38 brace goals. In second place is Lionel Messi with 34. Third place is Rober Lewandowski with 20.

In the annual tournament known as the UEFA Champions League, the top five players with the most braces to their names are:

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo – 38 braces
  2. Lionel Messi – 34 braces
  3. Robert Lewandowski – 20 braces
  4. Karim Benzema – 17 braces
  5. Raúl González – 14 braces

As evidenced by the statistics above, scoring two goals in a single game is no easy feat at the professional level, and there is a clear delineation between the top two brace scorers and the third, fourth, and fifth.

FIFA World Cup Brace

Belgian player Romelu Lukaku became the first player in 32 years to score back-to-back braces in the World Cup finals matches when he scored a brace in his 2018 match against Tunisia. This feat hadn’t been accomplished since Diego Maradona scored a brace in the final games of both the 1972 and 1976 tournaments.

In 2014, Toni Kroos from Germany scored two goals within one minute, and nine seconds of each other in a game against Brazil, earning the record for the fastest brace scored in the World Cup.

In 1958, Pele became the youngest player ever to score in a World Cup final at the age of 17, and he not only scored once but twice, securing a brace in Brazil’s win against Sweden. This record still stands 63 years later.

However, in the 2018 World Cup, Kylian Mbappe became the youngest player to score a brace in the World Cup except for Pele. Mbappe was 19 and 1/2, and his brace didn’t come in the finals, but this is a feat nonetheless.

FAQs –  Brace in Football

What is it if You Score Three Goals in a Match?

You get the hat trick award if you score three goals during a soccer game. A hat trick occurs when three goals occur by a single player, and they don’t have to be consecutive. Like a brace accomplishment, a hat trick can only happen during regular playing time during a soccer game, not in a shootout in overtime.

What is it if You Score Four Goals or More in a Match?

If a single player scores four goals during a soccer match, they get a haul. Getting five goals is a glut, and achieving six is a double hat trick. If a player can achieve seven goals in a single match, they get a haul trick. Only a handful of players in the game’s history ever got seven or more goals in a single game.

Do Own Goals Count in a Brace?

The simple answer to this is no. If a player were to score two own goals, it would not necessarily be classed as a brace. You may hear football fans or commentators refer to it as a ‘brace of own goals, but the most common version of the brace is when a player scores twice in the opposition’s goal. This is also true if one own goal and one real goal are scored. If a player hits the back of their opponent’s net before then scoring their own goal, then it would still not count as a brace.

What Are Some Ways to Score a Goal?

There are numerous ways to score a goal in soccer. For example, a striker or midfielder can score with their right foot or left foot by kicking the ball into the net. The goalscorer can also perform a header, which means they use their head to knock the ball into the net to score. Finally, a soccer player can score directly from a corner kick, but getting that ball into the net from that angle is difficult.

Also, it is worth noting that a goalie can record a brace during a soccer game. Any player that is on the pitch can score goals during a match.

Conclusion: What is a Brace in football?

In summary, the word brace is a soccer term when a player scores two goals in a single match. We hope this article is useful and don’t forget to visit our site frequently at Football Terms!

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