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Double chance meaning is full of terms that can confuse newcomers. Betting sites do not explain what the jargon they use means. To many, the words are just baffling. But it does not have to be this way. In this article, we will explain what is double chance in betting.

double chance meaning

Double chance meaning in football betting

When betting at sites such as NZ online casino there are three outcomes for any football match being played anywhere in the world. The home team might win the game. It may be a draw, or the away side could win instead. Double chance, therefore, means players get two chances to win on their bets. Double chance means two outcomes can happen in the game with the bet still winning. For example, let’s say that Manchester United is playing Real Madrid in the Champions League. United is at home for this example we are using. They might be narrow favorites, depending on the form of the sides and whether Madrid’s big players are available.

Football fans might wish to bet on Real Madrid to win the game. But they might be worried about the prospect of a draw, which would result in a bet on an away win is a losing wager. This is where a double chance bet becomes a lot more attractive. By taking the double chance bet on a Madrid win or a draw, the player has two chances to win. The only way the wager will lose is if United manages to win the game on the day. It is important to note at this point that double chance wagers only cover the first 90 minutes of a game in a cup competition that might go to extra time or penalties, only the original 90 minutes count.

We should also point out in this article that a draw-no-bet wager works in quite a similar way to a double-chance bet. Backing Real Madrid on the draw-no-bet market would mean that if it were a draw, the user’s stake would be returned to their betting account.

How to use double chance wagers in football betting

Now we know what a double chance bet is, what is the right way to use this wager? Well, there are a few different ways it can be used to your advantage when browsing all the odds. Giving yourself more ways to win is an obvious advantage of double chance wagers. Odds will be lower than if you just backed a team to win, but your chances of winning the bet increase. If you think a team might win, but you are sure they will not lose, consider a double chance bet. This can be a good way to side with an underdog while reducing the risk of the bet losing. Some popular football betting strategies use double-chance wagers quite a lot. It is, therefore, well worth becoming familiar with how they work in practice by placing a few of these double-chance bets with a bookie. You can get introductory betting offers when signing up as a new player too which you may be able to use to place a double chance bet. Double chance odds can also be useful if you plan to hedge their bets.

Double chance bets can be very useful in games between closely matched teams. On these occasions, the odds for a home win or an away win are likely to be even. Picking a winner for a game like this is a lot harder than when one side is a big favorite. But it brings double-chance wagers into play if you feel one team has a better chance to win.

Like all betting strategies, players will have to work out themselves what works. Double chance bets should be among those you consider when betting on football.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Double Chance Betting

There are a number of advantages when it comes to double-chance betting, and this is what we are going to take a look at now.

  • Higher chance of winning: Unlike your traditional bet that gets you to select one outcome, a double chance wager puts two different outcomes into one bet. Therefore, your chances of winning will increase.
  • Low risk: Double chance betting is low risk when compared to other bet types because of the team that you back only has to avoid defeat. But once again, this increased chance of winning and reduced risk does come at the expense of a bigger payout with a successful bet.
  • Good profits if teams are equal: In an evenly matched game, it is often tricky to pick the outright winner. In such a scenario, double-chance betting is a good strategy, especially if the two teams are playing their last league match and want to end the season on a high. If you are certain that the match will not end in a draw, then you can put your money on the “Home win/Away win” market.
  • High-value betting by backing the underdog: There are few sports out there that are as hair-raising and tense as football, and sensible football bettors will know to never rule out the underdog. Do your homework on upcoming football matches and you will be able to find plenty of value when it comes to the underdogs.

To Sum Up

Now you may understand about double chance meaning. There are a number of advantages when it comes to double-chance betting in football. So, for more interesting posts, visit us often at Football Terms!

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