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Draw no bet meaning – If you’ve ever dabbled in betting, you’ve probably come across the Draw No Bet market among the offered options but may be unsure what it means. Our guide covers what a Draw No Bet represents, how it works, and when to consider placing such a bet.

what does draw no bet mean?

What does draw no bet mean in football?

Draw No Bet means you bet on a specific team to win a game and if the match ends in a draw, your stake is refunded.

This is a two-way betting market where you simply back Team A or Team B at their respective odds, with draw no bet meaning you have the insurance of money back if the game ends all square.

You will notice that the two teams are trading at much shorter odds for the draw-no-bet market when compared to the normal full-time result prices.

That is because the latter is a three-way market, where you can bet on the draw and profit from the scoreline being level at the full-time whistle.

Draw no bet, meanwhile, is the sort of football market you might choose if you think the draw is a real possibility and don’t want to risk losing your money.

It’s a simple case of assessing whether you should take the bigger price on the regular full-time result market or alternatively go for draw no bet, where you would get a smaller return for the same stake size.

Example of draw no bet meaning in Football

The following example shows how a football betting site takes the draw out of the equation with the draw-no-bet market:

You might fancy Arsenal to beat Tottenham Hotspur in the North London derby and you are faced with a few different options.

Draw no Bet Market

Arsenal win 1/2

Tottenham win 7/5

Full-Time Result Market

Arsenal win 11/10

Draw 12/5

Tottenham win 12/5

If you chose the full-time result option, you would get bigger odds, but you would lose your bet if the game ended in a Tottenham win or a draw.

If you chose the draw no-bet option, then you would get smaller odds but you would get your money back if the game ended in a draw.

Draw no Bet Strategy Tips

Now that we’ve established what draw no bet means, it’s time to look at a few different strategies that we would recommend for this betting market:

It’s Great for Opposing Favourites

We like to choose the draw-no-bet market when opposing one of the favorites.

If we think that a team is priced too short to win a football match, then we can back their opponents knowing that the draw gives us insurance should the game end all square.

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Consider a Draw No Bet Accumulator

The best betting apps will allow you to place a draw no bet acca.

You can pick out teams on the DNB coupon and win money, provided they all avoid defeat.

Should any of the selections draw, then the money just rolls on to the next selection, so you can win differing amounts.

Back a Few Longshots and Still Get Big Odds

The draw-no-bet market is not particularly well-suited to backing favorites.

If a team is trading at 4/6 to win a football match, you can expect their draw-no-bet odds to be 2/7 or thereabouts.

However, a team at 10/3 on the 1×2 betting market is still a relatively attractive proposition on the draw-no-bet market at 5/2.

Draw no Bet v Double Chance Bet

The double chance betting market involves backing two combined full-time results.

You either choose:

  • Home Team Win + Draw
  • Away Team Win + Draw
  • Home Team Win + Away Team Win.

Double chance differs from draw no bet in that the odds are even shorter but you actually profit from a draw if you’ve selected a team along with the draw on the double chance market.

Double chance bets are very conservative but can work well if opposing a strong favorite at the right time.

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Draw No Bet vs Asian Handicap Bet

The Draw No Bet is very similar to the meaning of Asian Handicap bets but not identical. The main similarity between the two is that the draw has been removed as an outcome, and if the result is a tie, the stake is refunded.

The Asian Handicap requires analyzing the teams’ abilities and their probability of winning a match. Another difference is that the odds are better with Asian Handicap bets because the chances of the match ending in a draw are higher.

Lastly, remember that the Draw No Bet strategy and the Asian Handicap method could be identical in one way—a 0.0 Asian Handicap bet offered is the same as a regular Draw No Bet.

DID YOU KNOW? There are two types of Asian Handicap bets: 1) a single Asian Handicap—used when there’s a vast difference between the two teams’ abilities and 2) a split Asian Handicap—used when the difference between teams’ abilities is not apparent.


We hope our explanation about Draw No Bet Meaning has given you the confidence to start placing bets on individual selections. Whatever you choose, we wish you good luck, and don’t forget to visit us at Football Terms!

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