Football equipments list: Support for a safe match

Football equipments list is a collection of all the things that support the completion of an excellent American football game. This sport requires careful preparation before entering the field to prevent injury to the players. The following article will show details about football types of equipment’s benefits. Let’s follow up!

American football equipments list

In this modern era, sports from football, volleyball, and table tennis to American football all have must-have equipment. In addition, the accompanying gear shows the synchronicity and distinctiveness of this sport. They are all very important things from equipment to basic accessories.



The beginning of the football equipments list is accessories. These bring many benefits in different respects. Unlike mandatory equipment, these accessories are the choice of the players depending on their needs on the football field.

Some of the accessories that are often mentioned are: gloves, hand warmers, helmet visors, towels, and more. It’s going to be a tough match and these accessories show the “cool” of their appearance.

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Arm Sleeves


Following these accessories, Arm Sleeves are also chosen to be used by some players who need and love them. Although it is not mandatory football gear, we often see it in players who need to protect their hands as much as possible. Mainly in defensive positions, such as wide receivers, defensive backs, and other positions.

Besides the uses related to the playing position, arm sleeves are also a part of increasing fashion because of their color and material. Going into the long-term aspect, it supports the player with a circulation and compression construction from the sleeve.



The ball is one of the important pieces of football equipments. This is considering a “symbol” showing the distinctiveness of that sport through a different shape. For NFL, it has improved from a round shape to the “pig” shape as it is today.



Belts are effective assistants for players during the game on the field. This football equipment holds in place so that it doesn’t slip out because the game moves around a lot and is tough. The NFL allows designs that are suitable for each audience from youth, varsity, and collegiate size. The belts come with other styles of equipment but are sometimes hard to find.


Chin Straps


The football important equipment on the list is Chin straps. This is an integral part of this sport. The player will further increase the safety by the chin with the impact forcible protection. Chin straps have been around since 1976 from the NFL. This event brings good news as the number of injured players seems to have decreased significantly.

Cleat Cleaner


In addition to football equipment, clean cleaners are essential for cleaning in most sports. The same goes for this sport, it’s made to take full advantage of high-quality rubber to increase grip with the pitch. On the other hand, clean cleaners help to avoid situations that lead to injury. Honestly, it is very useful in unfavorable weather conditions such as wet or muddy surfaces.



When it comes to football equipment, it’s impossible to ignore cleats. This is a very necessary assistant for the players of every sport. What’s more, this equipment provides the sturdiness of the rubber material and the durability of the competition. A game that requires agility and speed so this is the perfect choice for the players as they play.

Compression Apparel


For long periods, Compression Apparel has many uses to support the stars. With high-quality materials and a sweat-wicking design, this football equipment helps players avoid uncomfortable feelings while playing. Meanwhile, the closeness to the skin is also significantly reduced compared to common underwear.

Compression Shorts


Along with the essentials in the football equipments list, Compression Shorts also greatly aid in injury avoidance and support optimal muscle function. These are the pants that are provided to players before they play in every match.



In any sport, especially American football, the head is the most vulnerable. Therefore, Cones appears as a savior for the players. Athletes always use it when playing. What’s more, cones are used in both training and strength training in cone drills.

Duffle bags


As usual, duffle bags in soccer also have the same structure as other bags. It is designed according to the brand with special features but in common still has vented pockets.

Eye Black

Eye Black, besides football equipment, is also a trick to help players ensure vision with appropriate lighting. It is also a threat to an opponent in a match.

Flag Belts & Flags


When it comes to tackling football, Flag Belts and Flags are the main equipment to establish the rules of the game. Instead of affecting the opponent, the players will perform flag pulling to reduce injuries significantly. In addition, the material creates flags designed with each team’s own color to show uniformity.

Flak Jackets


Accompanying the gear lists, flak jackets appear to help protect the player’s body, especially in the rib part. This is required to be put on before the game to prevent serious injuries.



During main equipment, a girdle may be optional. But it will better protect the player’s body. Inside a girdle integrated padding in vulnerable body parts.

Gloves & Hand Warmers


The gloves are the favorite gear of players in positions where a lot of touches are required. Moreover, they both keep their hands warm and hold the ball firmly when playing. These hand warmers are also hand-warming equipment to handle the ball well on the court in unfavorable weather conditions.

In addition, some other gear is also important: Helmet Pump, Helmet Visor, Jockstrap, K-Balls, Neck Roll, Knee Pads, and more.

Overall, the football equipments list are a necessary thing for players as well as those wishing to own the above items. This sport will have more interesting information in other articles on American football terms.

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