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Goalie scores goal: Football’s rich history has produced some lethal goalscoring shot-stoppers. In football, scoring goals is an art, and players who score goals always remain in the spotlight. Strikers are always the best at scoring goals and to some extent midfielders and defenders are also known for scoring goals.

Goalkeepers, however, are always undetermined when it comes to goals and are always seen as someone who keep the fort safe. It is rare to see goalkeepers on the scoresheet. Nevertheless, some maniacs have broken this jinx in the world of football.

Today we are going to take a look at the top 10 goal-scoring goalkeepers in the history of football.

10. Misael Alfaro – 31 Goals

Misael Alfaro is a former Salvadorian player who played from 1988 to 1994. His entire career was spent playing in the Salvadorian league. In his career, Alfaro scored 31 goals. He played for big Salvadorian clubs such as Luis Engel Firpo, San Salvador, Guila, Alianza, and Metapán throughout his career.

Alfaro was a really good penalty taker and all his goals came from the spot-kick only. Unfortunately, he had a sad ending to his career as he retired early due to a neck injury. Since then, he has shifted his base to coaching.

9. Hans-Jörg Butt – 33 Goals

Hans-Jorg Butt is a German football legend who played for big heavyweights like FC Bayern Munich, and Bayer Leverkusen in his illustrious career. He not only excelled in his keeping abilities but provided an edge to his team through his goal-scoring abilities.

Butt scored 33 goals in his career and also is the proud record holder of the most penalty goals in a senior professional league of Europe. He scored 26 goals in Bundesliga.

8. Fernando Patterson – 35 Goals

Next on the list is the former Costa Rican goalkeeper Fernando Patterson. His career mainly revolved around Guatemala’s top division where he played for clubs like Xelajú, Cobán Imperial, Puntarenas, and Ramones. Patterson scored 35 goals in his career to finish eighth on the list.


In 1993, Patterson made one appearance for the Costa Rican national team. He finally called his time in 2013 at age of 43.

7. Márcio – 40 Goals

Marcio is a former Brazilian goalkeeper. He scored 40 goals during his career, 37 of which came for Atlético Goianiense. Having begun his career with Bahia, Marcio went on to play for several of Brazil’s top clubs.

With over 390 appearances for Atlético Goianiense, he caught the attention of many for his goal-scoring ability. Marcio retired in 2019.

6. Dimitar Ivankov – 42 Goals

Ivankov is a Bulgarian legend and the highest goal-scoring goalkeeper in Europe. He played in the Turkish and Bulgarian top divisions for most of his career. He scored 42 goals and was a very confident player from spot-kicks. Ivankov’s best spell came with Levski Sofia where he scored 18 goals in 203 appearances.

He also played 64 times for the Bulgarian national team. Ivankov is now a goalkeeping coach and has served his former club Levski Sofia twice after retirement.

5. René Higuita – 43 Goals

Rene Higuita is one of the most iconic goalkeepers of all time. One of the best examples of athleticism in football will always be his scorpion kick save against England in 1995. Aside from his astonishing saves, the former Colombian goalkeeper also scored 43 goals during his career.

Throughout his career, he played mostly in Colombia and Medellin. Higuita was also a regular for the Colombian national team in the 1990s, making 68 appearances and scoring three goals.

4. Johnny Vegas Fernández – 45 Goals

Next on this exciting list is a goalkeeper from Peru. Fernandez scored 45 goals during his 13-year career. Besides contributing from penalty kicks, he also scored from open play.

Throughout his career, Fernandez mainly played for Peruvian clubs. It is interesting to note that he made 14 transfers during his 13 years as a player before he retired in 2017.

3. Jorge Campos – 46 Goals

Football’s versatility was brought to a whole new level by Jorge Campos, a Mexican legend. His career produced 46 goals, but not all came as a goalkeeper. He also played as a striker in his career, scoring 28 goals in that role.

Compos played for nearly every top club in Mexico and America and is considered one of the greatest goalkeepers in history. He featured for big heavyweights like Puma, and LA Galaxy in his career before retiring in 2004. Jorge Campos also was an integral part of the Mexican team and played 129 times for them from 1991 to 2004.

2. José Luis Chilavert – 67 Goals

Jose Luis Chilavert is a former Paraguayan goalkeeper and holds the record for the most goals scored by a goalkeeper on the international stage. A real threat on set pieces, Chilavert scored 67 goals in his career.

Moreover, he scored a hat-trick for the first time in goalkeeping history. Chilavert also not limited himself to playing in Paraguay but also played in Argentina, Spain, and France. He retired in 2004.

1. Rogério Ceni – 131 Goals – Goalie Scores Goal

The highest goal-scoring goalkeeper comes from Brazil. As of now, all goalkeepers on the list have primarily scored from penalties, but Ceni played in a different league. Over the course of his career, he scored 61 free kicks and was a nuisance in set-piece situations.

He only played for Sao Paulo during his career and is considered the greatest goalkeeper of Brazilian football. Ceni also played for the Brazilian national team and made 17 appearances. The Brazilian is currently the manager of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

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