How Long Does a Football Game Last?

How long does a football game last” – Although many people are happy to see football season back, some may wonder about this question. There are four 15-minute quarters in a typical 60-minute football game. Keep reading this post to learn the football game average length, quarters and halves, and more!

How long does a football game last?

The average length of football game is 60 minutes, with an extra 10 minutes if overtime is necessary. Match in college doesn’t keep time during overtime, therefore this is solely applicable to the NFL. Instead, starting at their rival’s 25-yard line, teams switch off in possession. 

Due to interruptions in play for penalties, reviews, and the allocated time between halves, the match takes a bit longer than 60 minutes in actual time. The first and second halves of the play, which each last an hour, are broken into four 15-minute quarters.

Matches go far beyond 1 hour. Games can last anywhere from two to three hours, based on whether or not they go into overtime. The lengthening of the match can also be significantly attributed to injuries or media timeouts. According to recent studies, the typical NFL game lasts about three hours on average.


Quater and Halves

NFL and college football matches are divided into two 30-minute halves and four 15-minute quarters. These match games are typically lengthened by the intervals between quarters and the halftime break.

How Long is the First Half of a Football Game?

The length of each quarter in an NFL game is 15 minutes. Each half of the game lasts 30 minutes. Nevertheless, a half lasts longer than the 30 minutes allotted for the match due to timeouts, penalties, etc. 

The second and third quarters are separated by a break. At the end of regulation, sudden death will occur if the score is tied. In extra time, the team that scores first wins.

One quarter has fifteen minutes. There are two quarters in the opening half. There will be a 3-minute break following the opening round. After that, the second inning will go on for an additional 15 minutes. 33 minutes altogether made up the opening 20 minutes.

How Long Does a Football Halftime Typically Last?

Both professional and collegiate games have different halftime lengths. Halftime typically lasts 12 minutes in the NFL, but it can last up to 20 minutes in college sports. The reason college games go 12 minutes longer than NFL games is largely due to the extra time at the break.

The Super Bowl is the one exception, with a halftime that lasts substantially longer—20 to 30 minutes—than other games.

Football Overtime

When the score is tied after regulation in a game, overtime is utilized to determine the winner. In the NFL, overtime is a 10-minute stretch of time, but in college football, there isn’t any game clock in effect during that time. Given that there is just sudden death over time in the NFL, the winner is the side that scores the first touchdown

To get the advantage, squads can also accomplish a field goal. The game will end in a tie, nevertheless, if the scores are equal when the timer for the game expires. In the playoffs, each team is assured of having an offensive opportunity, so overtime may last longer.

In the NCAA, each extra period will give both sides a shot at scoring, and football overtime will resume when a winner is determined.

The Super Bowl

Since the Super Bowl determines the NFL season’s champion, there is obviously more excitement surrounding the game. 

The Super Bowl Halftime Show stands out in particular because it is far longer than the typical halftime break. 

The average length of the Super Bowl is up to four hours, in large part because of this halftime performance. The actual game lasts roughly three and a half hours, plus the halftime entertainment.

The Super Bowl is substantially longer than a normal NFL game given the emphasis on the commercials, which typically last roughly three hours.

The Super Bowl’s quarters are the same duration as those in other NFL games. This longer game is a result of the halftime performance, which normally takes 15 minutes, and the 30-minute halftime break.

NFL Game Length


The game has four 15-minute parts that each last an hour. The break between each round is 12 minutes. Nevertheless, considering that it takes 3 hours and 12 minutes to finish the game, this just reveals half the story.

When you look at the offerings the NFL has to present each week on television, its appeal is all the more astounding. Even though a professional match typically lasts three hours and twelve minutes, the real playing of the ball only took place for only 11 minutes of that period.

Obviously, watching football on Television goes much beyond the actual game. Additionally, there are a lot of advertisements to display. Over 100 advertisements are shown during a typical NFL game with 20 commercial breaks. Approximately one hour, or one-third, of playtime, is for advertising, according to The Journal’s analysis.


You now have knowledge regarding the topic “how long does a football game last?” after reading this article. To sum up, Super Bowl games will last roughly 3 hours and 12 minutes, as opposed to college games. Both the match review and the advertisement period contribute to this. 

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