How Long Is a Rugby Game? Shorter Than You Think

How long is rugby game: Rugby is a popular sport that is mostly practiced in Europe and Australia, but it can appear over the world. You might question how long is rugby game. Follow the article today to learn more.

How long is a rugby game?

On the field, rugby matches lasted for 80 minutes. It gives the players time to fully assemble. However, halves time in rugby typically lasts 15 minutes longer because it is when players leave the field and resume their respective game plans.

But unlike other sports, rugby time might last for an entire 80 minutes. The bad news is that you cannot extend the rugby game’s time limit in order to continue playing.


What stops rugby games?

After finding out how long is rugby game, people also ask in which situation a rugby game stops. Below are the answers:


Halftime is one of the main causes of the ending. Depending on the type of the game, rugby has a 15 or two-minute halftime.

For union games, the players typically head back to the locker rooms to unwind and discuss fresh tactics. Rugby does not have extravagant halftime performances as American football does.


The sport hasn’t fully adapted to the Super Bowl level of entertainment, although the game may have some sort of performance to occupy spectators while the players rest.

Nevertheless, commercials continue to air throughout halftime, and spectators must wait until they do in order to watch the players come back and continue playing. The wait is minimal for spectators of sevens matches.

In essence, the players have only enough time to rapidly get back to their benches, hydrate, and then re-enter the field.


Injury is common. Anytime there is an injury on the field, the game is over. It makes it possible for the players to be attended to by the medics. The medics may need some time to treat the athlete, depending on the seriousness of the injury.


For instance, individuals might need to request a stretcher if they are unable to move on their own. The player must then be carefully placed on the stretcher before being taken to the locker room. The doctors must confirm that patients with less severe injuries are good enough to play again.

Player substitutions

When a player on the field is out, another one from the side enters. Rugby is one of the few sports that pauses the match clock whenever a substitution takes place.

Until both players are in a new position, the referees stop the clock. In particular, they hold off on restarting the game until the player who is leaving the field has entirely left.


The players are on the pitch for extended periods of time during 15s games without any breaks. They must occasionally sit out so that the team can use its finest players throughout the match.

It’s okay to take a brief break while player replacements take place because the game might be harsh at times. Additionally, because they are now up a player, the squad is allowed to continue playing where they previously might not have been able to. The number of player replacements that take place during the game could make it longer overall.

Overtime or extra time

The majority of sports go into overtime to declare a clear winner when two teams draw at the end. Different regulations apply to different sports to determine how the game will end.

When the two teams are tied, rugby refers to it as extra time. An additional 20 minutes are added to the game clock. Each time, you have ten minutes in those twenty to gain points.

After 20 minutes, if the scores are still equal, they will conduct a shootout. The first team to score in this scenario wins the game. The winning team is the one. It is obvious that the game could take a significant amount of additional time if extra time were to be entered.

Weather conditions

Weather conditions are the last factor that could make the game last longer. The clock pauses if lightning strikes, just like in other sports.

The supporters may seek refuge in their automobiles or in the concession stand after the players have left the field. However, hardly any weather situation can truly stop a rugby match.


Organizers frequently hold a rugby game in the midst of hailstorms and on hot, sunny days. Rugby matches are not halted by snow either. It only stops when lightning is present.

The game doesn’t resume until the lightning threat has subsided. The length of time it takes for a rugby match to resume will depend on how challenging it is. The game may last longer as a result of that.

Final thought

All in all, the question “how long is a rugby game” is already solved. Also, we provide the readers with some cases in which a rugby game stops. If you are a fan of rugby, don’t miss the website Footballterms, where we will constantly update you on this kind of sport.

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