How Many Blocked Extra Point Return for Touchdown?

Blocked extra point return: American football can be a complicated game, as there are many ways to score and block points. Teams have over five different ways to score points. But blocking extra points is also one of the most important ways to play. So how many blocked extra point return for touchdown? Check it out!

What is a blocked field goal return?

The value of a return of a blocked field goal is six points, plus the possibility of an extra point or two-point conversion. The side that scored a touchdown has the option to run another play after converting for two points.

On field goal attempts, the ball is always regarded as an in-play moment the snap is made. As a result, the defense has a chance to stop the kick, get the ball back, and score a touchdown. A field goal kick must be either blocked by the defense or, if it is short, caught by a defender for it to occur.

The ball is still live and in play, if the kicking team manages to recover it after an FG attempt is blocked. The offense will turn the ball over on downs if they recover the ball and are brought down before the first down marker.

A new set of downs will be given, though, if the offense manages to recover the ball and amass sufficient yardage for a first down following a blocked field goal. They might be able to return it for a touchdown.


Blocked Extra Point Return NFL

A blocked extra point kick that is recovered is worth two points even though it is not regarded as a touchdown. At all football levels, blocked extra points are extremely uncommon.

The defense may return a blocked extra point attempt for two points under the new blocked PAT rules established before the 2017–18 season. The Saints achieved the first defensive two-point conversion in NFL history last season.

A team needs a lot of things to go perfectly to block the kick and still get the ball in a place where they can run the entire field and score. But when they do, these kinds of plays provide some of the most thrilling moments that football has to offer.

How many points is a field goal worth in football?

A field goal is worth three points in all football leagues, from youth to the NFL. Before scoring a touchdown, an FG is worth three points. During their drive or at any other time while the offensive has the ball during the game, the team might decide to attempt this field goal.

It is important to distinguish between an FG attempt and an extra-point attempt. After the scoring team scores a touchdown, they attempt a 33-yard field goal through the goalposts. However, it only counts for one point. 

These kicks can frequently come from the left or right angle and are more difficult to make. Because they are farther from the field goalpost. On fourth down, teams frequently opt to go for it rather than kick it. Because they may not be sure of the outcome.

Making a field goal is beneficial. However, the ultimate objective is to score a touchdown to double your points and obtain six total. Teams who frequently kick field goals and do not score touchdowns risk falling behind the scoreboard if the opposing side scores frequently.

How do you block a field goal in football?

Football clubs will use their finest pass rushers to go past the blocking team’s blocks to stop a FG. The linemen will need to cover this distance to block the kick. Because the ball is seven yards beyond the line of scrimmage.

The defensive linemen will square off with the blockers once the ball is snapped. To break through and tip the ball, they are attempting to acquire an advantage. The pass rushers will raise their arms in the air and frequently leap to stop the kick. The defense might choose to rush the ball into the endzone of the opposing team for a touchdown if the kick is successfully blocked and recovered.

Sum up

Hope that with this article, you will understand the blocked extra point return. Like learning football? Can you return a blocked extra point? Follow Footballterms to discover many complete guides to American football.

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