How Many Players Are On A Football Team?

How many players are on a football team? – An NFL roster can have up to 53 players. 47 of those 53 players are qualified to participate in a football game. Only 11 of those 47 players can simultaneously be active on the field for the defense, offense, and special squads.

Sounds pretty complicated right? If you want to know more, let’s find out in the article. Our post will provide you with an ultimate answer to the question and more.

How Many Players Are On an American Football Team?

how many players are on a football team

Due to the specialist nature of the positions, each squad has 45 to 50 players. So, how many players are on the field in football? There will be 11 players on the field at any given time. And it is uncommon for an athlete to play both offensive and defensive

Smaller players are responsible for receiving or running with the ball, bigger guys are in charge of blocking, and medium-sized players may do both. Additionally, you may also see athletes who both kick and punt.

How Many Players on the Field During an NFL Game?

There are fewer athletes on the field during a match than there are on the roster as a whole. Each team has a maximum of 11 players on the field at once. 

There must be backups for every one of the 11 roles on the field. Several bench athletes also have to fill in at various positions to provide flexibility at positions like wide receiver and running back.

How Many Players Are on an NFL Team?

The maximum number of footballers on an NFL team’s active roster is 53. College teams may contain close to 100 players. Every NFL team is also permitted to keep 16 players on its practice squad, who, as the name implies, are only allowed to participate in sessions and not actual games. 

As long as there is room on the regular 53-man roster, these practice team athletes may be added to the roster of their NFL team at any time or approved to the active roster of other squads. Yet, just 48 of them are prepared for the match, meaning that just 48 players are prepared to step in when necessary.


Inactive Players

The inactive list can comprise a maximum of six players. The space between the current athletes and the injured reserve list is known as the inactive players’ list. 

This is a list of injured athletes that aren’t seriously hurt enough to go on injured reserve. Each side has an equal number of active and healthy members thanks to the inactive players’ list, which prevents undue advantage.

Practice Squads 

A number of footballers with contracts who train with a particular NFL team are known as the practice squad. Each group includes twelve members and there is one for each team. Although most of these players are not skilled enough to be on the active roster, they should be kept in order to be developed for later use.

There are 16 players on the practice squad for NFL teams. These players are permitted to take part in practices but are not allowed to play in games. Despite this, practice team members are always able to sign with an opposing team’s active roster. This implies that practice team players will frequently switch sides during an NFL season.

Injury Reserve

The Reserve/Injured List, also called injured reserve or IR, is a group of footballers whose injuries prevent them from being instantly accessible to their squad. An athlete on injured reserve is incapable of playing for his team at that time. 

There are no limits on the number of players that can be added to the list, but there is a restriction on how many can be “selected to return” from the list. After the final roster reductions, players put on injured reserve are not allowed to return in the next season.

Preseason Roster

How many players are on an NFL team during the preseason? Each squad has 90 athletes on the roster during week one of the preseason before the NFL season starts. Teams reduced athletes as the preseason progressed to reduce the roster size to 53 active players. 

Preseason football is comparable to baseball spring practice in that teams typically have a few gaps before the official season begins. This forced players to fight for a slot.


That was the end of our in-depth article about “how many players are on a football team?”. To summarize, NFL teams can get 53 active footballers on their roster. However, higher numbers are allowed in high school, youth, and college leagues. A maximum of eleven athletes can play on both offense and defense, regardless of the number of players on the official roster.  

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