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How to make it pro in football: Once you’ve attended a football trial and you’ve impressed the team, you will be invited to sign up and join the football academy. Great news!

We’ve helped many players sign in teams in Europe and Spain, and firsthand, we know that this is only the beginning of your journey!

Know you’re going to be surrounded by better players, as well as playing against them. This will make it harder for you to impress. However, don’t worry, because it will also make you improve faster! So how to make it pro in football? You need to do these things:

1. Work on your confidence

You’re going to do more mistakes, simply because you’re exposed to better competition. Remember that when academies sign players, they’re looking at a long-term investment.

Remember that you have time to improve and that coaches are looking at how you react to mistakes, whether is a bad pass or a bad month of football! Go back to the fish-memory mentality, and look at mistakes as opportunities to show coaches that you have the ability to come back stronger.


If you look closely and the top games in the world, like the Champions League, there are constant mistakes! This is because one team is attacking and another defending. So it’s completely normal and part of the game for the defending team to win the action a force a mistake out of you.

2. Work on your mindset

Learn how to deal with pressure, with other players, and with intense physical actions. how to learn, how to do mistakes and forget about them, how to listen and perform what they say.

These are big mental tasks that not even adults can do many times! Understand that you’re in a hard challenge, that football isn’t easy, and that you can fail, but understand that you have been given a chance and that you are good enough to learn and perform consistently under all this pressure!

Remember: To become a footballer you need to perform consistently, be reliable, make the right decisions, and in some instances, produce extraordinary actions.

So your whole mindset should be set to achieve this balance and goal.

Finally, remember many times you can’t control what happens, but you can absolutely control how you feel about what happens. Learn to feel about things in a way that isn’t going to hurt your performance or mindset. For example, if your coach has benched you, there’s nothing you can do about that anymore, it has passed. You can feel sad for a bit, it’s normal but as quickly as possible, change your feeling from sadness to motivation to show your coach that he is wrong.

This is because if you felt sad, it would be harder to impress your coach in training, which will mean that you will stay benched. However, if you feel motivated to show him he’s wrong, you’re in a much better headspace to perform that exact action! You can control your mind.

3. Listen to your coaches and perform exactly what they ask to form you

We’ve mentioned this throughout the article, you need to take the advice and instructions your coaches tell you as pure gold!

They’re literally telling you what you have to do to become a better player and impress them. Is like a roadmap to becoming a footballer!

Always have this as your top priority in your goal of becoming a professional soccer player. This way, you’ll be a reliable player that can improve the team and win games.

4. Learn to execute efficiently and take risks

Finally, be ruthless with your execution. Have a clear mindset and a clear thorough process on how to perform different tasks and do this consistently.

This will help you to become colder mentally and execute the actions that the team needs to win in every circumstance, whether you’re under pressure because you’re playing at an older age or if you’re in a final of a tournament!

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