Kicking Ball in Football: Everything You Should Know

Kicking ball in football: Football positions that kick the ball include the punter, placekicker (kicker), and on occasion the kickoff specialist. For kickoffs, field goals, extra points, and punts, the ball is kicked. Check out some positions that can kick the ball in football via today’s blog.


Kickers are the most crucial players in the NFL due to their high rate of point production. The kicker kicks the ball when attempting a field goal or extra point. And occasionally on kickoffs if the team doesn’t have a kickoff specialist.

Since kickers receive the most legitimate scoring opportunities, they score the most points in the NFL. They have the opportunity to score a point whenever their team scores a touchdown. They also have the opportunity to score three points each time their team reaches the 35-yard line. The kicker can score a ton of points if his offense is effective.

Kickers must execute their kicks with accuracy and consistency. Because extra points and field goals can significantly alter the outcome of a football game.

They never suffer harm either. The kicker is given the most protection possible by the team’s special team formations. This reduces the likelihood that he will be wounded and gives him the most opportunity to get a solid kickoff.

The place kicker is almost always at the ideal spot. He is the top scorer, has a high potential value to fantasy owners, and never gets hurt. Style is the only thing lacking.


One of the most important roles in football is a punter. During punts to the other team, the punter kicks the football. So kicking the ball in football is one of the ways to play as a punter. To prevent giving the opposite side a solid field position, punts are employed on fourth down. The punter has a significant impact on where the opposing team’s offense launches its drive. Therefore, he needs both strength and control to place his punts well.

The team benefits from having a good punter, but the result of the game is also impacted. Punters are so good that they assist the offense by giving the opposition a favorable field position.

Typically, teams in the NFL, colleges, and even high schools will choose one player to serve as their punter. This player is in charge of kicking the ball as far and high as they can.

In the NFL, a punt travels 45 yards on average. This means that if there isn’t a return when a team lines up to punt the ball, the field position will be changed by 45 yards.

Kickoff Specialist

Kickoff specialists are members of the special teams. Their responsibility is kicking the ball in the kickoff.

These players frequently possess powerful legs, are competent in making touchbacks, and can maintain the ball within the boundaries of the playing field. However, they lack the precision or skill necessary to be a full-time placekicker or punter.

Some kickoff specialists go on to work as placekickers full-time. But some are mediocre placekickers who leave football quickly.

Because of current roster limits, the majority of NFL teams choose to use their placekickers on kickoffs rather than having a kickoff specialist. Kickoff specialists can be trained by teams with extra personnel space. However, the kicker or punter is typically able to manage kickoffs as well.

Who kicks the ball first to start a football game?

Each game begins with a coin toss to determine which team will receive the ball first. The leaders of the two groups meet the referee in the field’s middle for the coin toss.

The captain correctly predicts the outcome of the coin toss to the referee. And then it determines whether his team will receive or defend a certain goal. Because they desire the ball for their attack, the majority of teams want to receive the kickoff.


The kickoff, in which one team punts the ball downfield for the other team to run back with the ball as far as they can, starts the game.

A team may occasionally waive its right to kick off by allowing its opponent to receive after winning the coin toss.

Final thought

Kicking a ball in football is very easy but who kicks the ball in football? They perform the roles of punter, placekicker, and sporadic kickoff specialist. When you are aware of the regulations and practices that the players must adhere to, a kick-off in soccer is a simple play. Hope that with this article, you will know more about football kickoffs.

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