Taping wrists for football – Why footballers wear wrist tape?

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Taping wrists for football – Why do athletes tape their wrists? The main reason athletes tape their wrists is for additional support. Additional wrist support can prevent sprains, dislocations, and fractures. Along with providing support, athletes wear wrist tape when trying to look cool, coming back from injuries, and/or because they’re superstitious.

To learn more about why do footballers wear wrist tape and how to perform a tape job, keep reading!

Why footballer tape on wrist?

football wrist tape

Players can tape their wrists for a host of reasons. For injury prevention and to bring stability to the wrist so that when falling to the ground, the wrist is structurally sound.

Tape is often used on other body parts as we mentioned above, especially to hold the body part in place. For the wrists, there is still enough flexibility so that players are able to move their wrists during a game.

There are several reasons soccer players taping wrists for football!

Wrist protection

Above all else, this is the main reason players get their wrists taped, to prevent injury.

During a match, players will engage in physical altercations. This can cause the wrist or fingers to be bent back and this can cause injury. By having tape to secure the wrist in place, it can prevent this.

When a player is falling, the first reaction is to put their hands out to brace for the impact which can put huge pressure on the wrist. Keepers also have their wrists taped as well. Because strikers shoot the ball hard at keepers, the hands are what are used to save a goal.

Because of the force used by strikers when kicking the ball, when a keeper goes to save the ball, a serious amount of pressure is put on the wrists. Having them taped can reduce the risk of injury. While taping your wrists is not going to 100% guarantee you will not get injured, it certainly reduces the chances.

Using tape to come back from injuries

To go along with wearing wrist tape for preventative measures, the tape is also used to help athletes come back from injuries.

The use of wrist tape and the additional support that comes from it reduces the likelihood that a reinjury takes place. This allows athletes to ease back into action until they feel comfortable enough not to use tape (if they so choose) or to come back full-time.

Wrist tape shouldn’t be used if there’s a fracture or ligament tear involved with the injury. Players should also consult medical professionals if there’s any doubt in their mind if they should tape their wrists.

This isn’t a problem for professional teams as there are always doctors and trainers on staff.

Athlete Aesthetics / Superstitions in Sports

The primary use of wrist tape is to prevent injuries, but athletes also like to wear the tape for aesthetic purposes. Basically, players think wearing the tape makes them look cool.

While wearing wrist tape may or may not make them look cooler, it does translate into increased confidence. A player who feels comfortable in their own skin is more likely to produce results in their given sport than a player(s) who is unsure of themselves.

As long as players don’t allow this confidence to turn into cockiness, there’s no downside to wearing tape to look cool. Wrist tape also allows players the option to cover up any kind of jewelry. Especially ones that have a special meaning to them and can’t be shown/hung.

So while players aren’t able to show off their jewelry, they still get to wear it, satisfying any superstitions.

Another reason an athlete might use wrist tape is that they’re superstitious.

Superstitious athletes believe certain outcomes are more or less likely to happen based on their actions. There are superstitious players in every sport but superstitions are especially prevalent in baseball.

An example of superstition could be an athlete shaking hands with all their teammates prior to a game, believing it helps improve their performance.

If a player is coming off a game that they performed well in, it’s not uncommon for them to try to replicate everything that led up to that performance.

The application of wrist tape and how much tape is used could be things a player might be superstitious about.

What type of wrist tape do soccer players use?

There is no shortage of types of athletic tapes for players to choose from when they tape their wrists. But most tapes designed for the wrist have some general specifications.

For taping wrists for football, most athletic tapes have a width of between 1.5 to 2 inches (3.81 to 5.08 cm). This is wide enough to provide support around the larger joint. Whereas tape designed to be worn on the fingers has a much smaller width.

Athletic tapes also come in a variety of materials and adhesives. Finding the right combination of adhesive and material is going to vary from player to player, as some may prefer cotton, nylon, or synthetic material.

When it comes to adhesive, it’s critical to find one that will keep the tape in place when needed, last throughout the entire workout or game. It also needs to come off easily from the skin without causing irritation or leaving any residue.

How do you tape your wrists?

taping wrists for football

There are several ways to tape your wrist. One way is to grab a roll of medical or athletic tape that is about two inches wide give or take.

Start by putting the edge of the tape on the wrist and the end of the tape ideally will be just where your wrist bends. This is to ensure proper stability.

For best results:

  • You should wrap your wrist with tape at least two to three times. Make sure the tape is not too tight so that it stops blood flow.
  • Then once done, simply tear/cut the tape off and you are good to go!
  • Move your wrist around in a circle to give slight movement.
  • If you feel you need more support, then wrap the tape around the wrist once more.

Alternatively, you can go around your wrist but this time go between your index finger and your thumb. This ensures that your whole wrist and thumb are fully protected.

It is likely that goalkeepers tape the most as their thumbs and wrists are in the most danger when playing a match.


The main reason for taping wrists for football is for the players’ protection. Although technically a non-contact sport, there is a lot of jostling for position in soccer, and players frequently fall to the ground. The tape provides support for the joint in those circumstances.

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