Top 10 Main Rules Of Football You Should Know

10 main rules of football are foundational on which matches are always relied upon to ensure results are excellent without fault. In this era of America, football is known as the “king” sport that requires knowing many regulations to survive in fierce matches. The following article will summarize the Top 10 main rules of football.

What are the most important rules of football?

Over generations, the top 10 rules of football are profound experiences. Stay tuned!

Catch Rule


First of all, a catch is a player when he is passed the ball to two feet or other body parts without the hands in bounds. The main rule of this move is to secure the pass while maintaining control of the ball. This catch must be as optimized to the ground as possible. Because the player receiving the ball needs to keep it from being thrown off or moving to the ground.

In the NFG, players make the best out of possession of the ball. To make this rule easier to understand, a failed catch means that the transmission is now failing because the player let the ball hang in his hands or slipped in his grip. At this point, his possession of the ball was unsuccessful. The next point in the catch rule, the player must be flexible in the “football move” movement. At this moment, he leverages skills, such as pivot, reach, the third step, and more.


Fumble Rule 


In terms of the NFL, a fumble is the next main rule of football. This happens when a player makes the mistake of losing possession of the ball which results in the loss of the right to be tackled. That is, they will be knocked out if they are hit by a tackle by any part of their body that touches the ground. 

This rule has many reasons for this happening. This was supposed to be a messy scuffle between a defensive player and the offensive player. He executes this action to take the ball from the opponent’s hand to lose their football. After all, one of both teams can recover the ball and regain possession. On the other hand, this offense acts as a “recovery” when the ball is back after a fumble.

Overtime Rules



In any season game, the overtime rule is the main rule. This occurs when the match ends in a tie of regulation. The NFL has very different regulations for overtime. Specifically, players will have an extra 10-minute overtime period to play. To decide which team first gets the ball by a coin flip similar to the beginning of the game. There will be a win-lose ratio depending on the “touching the ball”.

The team who receives the ball scores a touchdown on their first drive then the game is over. Conversely, when they fail, the other team has the chance to win with any score. In this case, both teams of equal talent continued to possess to tie the game with a goal.  In the playoffs, the team registers with the winning score in injury time in that turn.

Downs Rules


Down rules are notable parts of the 10 main rules of football. In every dribble, defenses have a role to stop the offense. They need to clearly understand down rules and down markers due to the chance to stop the offense without giving up points.

In difficult cases, the downs system and the offense both grab the goal. The defense is faced with the challenge of getting the ball back without affecting points.

Replay Rules


Over many years in football, Replay has shown the importance to be sure of the accuracy of the referees again to avoid unnecessary mistakes. This is done again in the event of a catch or an incomplete pass. The referee can choose one of the two challenges to use at any time. Meanwhile, in the final two minutes of each half, officials in a booth examined through review.

The result of a replay greatly influenced the team’s show. That’s all replays must show something convincing on the field to be replayable. This adds confidence and accuracy to the referees to accept the error and the first call is changed to the correct call.

Point-after Conversion Rules


Point-after Conversion is the main rule in football. This is happening to increase the distance for extra-point kicks. It was performed by moving the line of scrimmage from the 2-yard line to the 15-yard line. In NFL history, the midfield took the chance to use the ability to score on a conversion attempt.

Safety Rules


A safety rule is the best rule in the field. An offensive team is prevented in their end zone and more. In the outcome of the game, that team will trade two points to the defensive team for a ball for a free-kick punt.

Targeting Rule


The next fundamental rule in the list is targeting. The player’s tackles violate the “prohibited contact with the head or neck part of a defenseless player” rule. This needs players to be careful in difficult situations like these. This rule is in place to help protect players from suffering.

Touchback Rule


A touchback was used when the ball was kicked out of the end zone or when it was caught in the end zone. Besides that, the player takes a knee or asks for a fair catch. As a result of the touchback in the receiving team begins their offensive possession on their 25-yard line.

Onside Kicking Rule


The final rule in the 10 main rules of football is an onside kick. This appearance on a kickoff is when a team restarts its kick. On the other hand, onside kick rules suggest more risk than a normal kickoff. According to statistics, only 4.3% of onside kicks were successful in the NFL season.

Overall, the 10 main rules of football above serve as guidelines to help players perform well in the match. This is the basis for them to hone and develop day by day. If you love this special sport, follow us at American football terms for more.

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