What Are The Different Types Of Football Helmets? (2022 Review)

Types of football helmets: Due to a risky sport, ensuring the safety of football players is a top priority. Therefore, they need to prepare the best types of football helmets. Here comes the list of different types of football helmets. Just consider and pick one!

Hardshell types of football helmets

Schutt Vengeance VTD II

If you want something a little less expensive, Vengeance VTD II is a wonderful choice compared to other types of football helmets. In fact, I believe that among all the adult helmets on our list, Vengeance VTD II provides the best value for the money.

The design of this helmet is quite similar to the Pro LTD. It includes the same SUREFIT air liner, Inter-Link jaw pads, protective TPU padding, a durable polycarbonate shell, and protective Inter-Link chinstrap. Given that it passed the Virginia Tech test with a score of 7.35, it is a little less protective. 

Schutt Varsity AiR XP Pro VTD II

Among the different football helmets, the Schutt AiR XP Pro VTD II provides remarkably comfortable support. Additionally, even though it is not the most sophisticated helmet on the list, it is jam-packed with Schutt protective technologies.

The SUREFIT Air Liner, which creates a tight fit and increases comfort, is the standout feature of the AiR XP Pro VTD II helmet. The TPU padding, which is at the core of the helmet’s protection, is complemented by SUREFIT Air Liner.

A polycarbonate shell and conventional standoff are additional features of the helmet. The standoff, in case you weren’t aware, is the distance between the player’s head and the helmet shell. Generally speaking, the more padding that can be packed into the helmet to increase protection, the larger the standoff.

Softshell helmets

WOSAWE Soft Shell Headguard

Goalkeepers and field players can get complete coverage, superior temporal protection, and improved comfort with this protective helmet. This incredible helmet’s interior is made of a comfortable, long-lasting material that promises to keep your head protected during the game. In order to alter the size and ensure a good fit, it also has Velcro at the chin and a drawstring at the rear. Additionally, this helmet has five vent holes on the top that allow unobstructed airflow.

Surlim Soft Helmet

One of the other softshell types of football helmets, this option is incredibly pleasant to wear since it has several air vents that allow heat and sweat to escape. Therefore, when wearing this helmet, you may anticipate that your head will always stay dry. 

Polyester and high-density foam were combined to create this soft helmet. They don’t just make the helmet soft; they also make it exceedingly light. To guarantee a good fit, there are also back laces and an adjustable chin strap.

Adult football helmets

Riddell Speedflex

The greatest adult helmet overall on the list of types of football helmets is Riddell Speedflex. This is because it offers excellent protection at a reasonable cost.

With a score of 4.49 (the lower, the better) and 5 stars, the Virginia Tech helmet safety ranking lists the Riddell Speedflex as one of the finest helmets. Although not the safest helmet in Virginia Tech’s tests, Speedflex is quite close.

In addition, Speedflex is one of the top 10 safest helmets according to the NFL helmet performance rankings. The polycarbonate casing of Speedflex protects the wearer from impact. In general, polycarbonate is quite resilient and effectively disperses impact to safeguard your head.

Schutt F7 VTD

Speedflex did far worse on the Virginia Tech exam than Schutt F7 VTD, scoring 2.54 and, of course, 5 stars. The F7 VTD is now in the top 1 among the safest types of football helmets.

F7 VTD seems somewhat worse on the NFL ranking, but it still provides exceptional protection. The 3D Tektonic Plate technology is the focal point of the Schutt F7 VTD. The TPU cushioning’s primary layer is supplemented with Tektonic Plates. The Tektonic Plates move independently, improving comfort and enhancing protection against rotational pressures.

The Helmet Stabilization System is another component of F7 VTD that enhances fit and stability (HSS). HSS frames the wearer’s head for a more secure fit and is wrapped in plush leather.

Youth football helmets

Schutt Recruit Hybrid VTD Youth

The Schutt Recruit Hybrid VTD Youth helmet is incredibly affordable while providing outstanding protection. This helmet received a 3.77 out of 5 possible stars on the Virginia Tech youth performance test.

TPU and D30 foam work together to provide the Recruit Hybrid VTD child helmet with outstanding protection. When used for play, the D30 foam is meant to be soft and comfy. However, when struck, it becomes hard to resist and diffuse force.

A polycarbonate shell is present on the exterior of the Recruit Hybrid VTD, which is unique for juvenile helmets. Youth helmets typically have ABS shells, which are lighter and less durable than polycarbonate.

Xenith Youth X2E+

For the price, Xenith Youth X2E+ offers an incredible level of protection. It costs substantially less than Shadow XR Youth and the other top 5 helmets while scoring #4 on the Virginia Tech youth helmet safety ranking (score of 2.11 overall).

Although the Xenith Youth X2E+ helmet isn’t exactly cheap, you won’t find anything better for the money.

Some of the features of Shadow XR Youth, Youth X2E+’s older sibling, are still present. Namely, the hybrid chinstrap is also present, and you once more receive the Internal Shock Matrix for a bespoke fit. The ABS shell in this helmet is weaker but lighter than the polymer used in the XR version. However, it is once more decoupled and moves independently to reduce rotational and torsional forces.

Sum Up

For the types of football helmets above, each will be suitable for different purposes, budgets and situations. You should carefully consider selecting the best one for you. Also, the website footballterms provides countless news about American football, follow and update more!

Thanks for reading!

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