What is A Defensive End in Football?

Defensive end in football: One of the most athletically talented positions on a football field is the d end. Many would argue that offensive “skill position” players like quarterbacks, running backs, and receivers would win that distinction.

However, this position possesses that uncommon mix of size and speed, as well as superb vision, tremendous pursuit, and a tenacious desire to make plays. A superb DE has the ability to radically alter the defensive strategy and alter the course of the game on his own. What’s more? Check out more information via today’s blog.

What is a defensive end in football?

What is a defensive end in football?

In American football, a defensive end (DE) is seen as a pass rusher, which means their primary responsibility is to tackle the quarterback. When given the ball, an end plays on the defensive side of the field and tries to stop running backs.

Along with the quarterbacks and left tackles, this position in the NFL is paid more than others, and on top of the highest salary. 

Although it is certainly helpful, being large is not a requirement to play in the defensive line. In the end, it comes down to reading the game and deciding whether to go after the quarterback or stay back and watch the offensive lineman. And in this sport, the DE’s primary duty is to do just that.

Let’s find out more details on the responsibilities of this position in American football.

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Responsibilities of the defensive end in football

Pass Rushing

Responsibilities of the defensive end in football

Pass rushing is unquestionably the most crucial of the d end football position. It is a primary duty of this position to prevent the quarterback from feeling at ease when throwing the ball.

Particularly for their capacity to get to the quarterback, defensive ends are compensated. A d end in football is considered not doing their job if they are not creating pressure on the opponents.

Run Stopping

Despite this position’s primary concentration being pass rushing as above, Run Stopping also has a significant impact on the running game. Defensive ends will have one of the first opportunities to bring down players at the running back position because they play on the defensive line.

Because of this, DE frequently tops the league in tackles for the loss even if sacks aren’t included in that statistic.

Holding The Edge

Responsibilities of the defensive end in football

Holding their edge is another responsibility of the d end in football. Essentially, this means that you shouldn’t let any ball carriers pass you by. In essence, you should push any ball carrier who tries to cross your path back into the center of the field.

This will provide the other members of the defense with a greater opportunity to tackle the opponent. Large plays frequently occur when the player in this position loses his edge, allowing the player to move outside.

How to play defensive end in American football

How to become a great defensive end is a frequent question that most beginners wonder. We would like to share some helpful tips for those who want to be a good play this position.

Improve footwork

How to play defensive end in football

D ends must be agile, quick, and able to switch between positions, so working on agility drills is a wonderful method to achieve that.

It’s an excellent idea to do anything that requires chopping your feet, shifting your weight, and running forward, backward, and sideways. This agility must be developed by defensive ends, who must exercise it daily.

Strengthen hands

How to play defensive end in football

Additionally, a DE needs strong hands. They are frequently forced to battle off blocks by large, bulky offensive tackles. Additionally, they must raise their hands to intercept passes and make tackles as necessary.

DEs need strong hands to accomplish all of this. Lifting weights can help a little with this, but they should also improve their handwork. The Karate Drill and Wall Ball are two defensive line activities where hand-eye coordination can be improved.

Understand the game

DEs must be aware of how the offense operates and how specific players respond to different plays. Simply watching a lot of football is the greatest way to accomplish it. Also, defensive ends may easily observe some outstanding players in their position on television. At the college and professional levels, a ton of talented DEs competes every weekend.

Top of the best DE player in football 

Khalil Delshon Mack

Khalil Delshon Mack, an outside linebacker and defensive end for the Chicago Bears in this sport, is at the top of our ranking. Mack entered the sport with a bang in 2014 and has since proven to be a consistent competitor.

T. J. Watt

T. J. Watt, a professional American football player, is present with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Watt is renowned for his natural ability to dominate a space with his commanding presence.

The 27-year-old has had two outstanding seasons in Pittsburgh in terms of pass-rushing statistics.

He has the most sacks among all edge defenders with a total of 29.5. Additionally, he has had 46 quarterback hits since 2019, which puts him at the top of the best d end in the football list.

Myles Lorenz Garrett

American defensive end Myles Lorenz Garrett competes for the Cleveland Browns. Garett is an enduringly solid athlete for the Browns who is renowned for his tough approach.

Garrett has risen to the top of nearly every important pass-rush grade category since entering the league. Additionally, his pass-rush grade, pass-rush grade on good pass sets, and pass-rush grade without play-action all place him in the 98th percentile.

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We hope you enjoyed this information to understand the question of what is a defensive end in football and their responsibilities. Follow our website American football term to update more terms and definitions.

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