What Is an Acca Bet? Everything You Should Know

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Acca bet: In the world of betting, particularly football betting, you will not have to wait long before you hear the word ‘Acca’ mentioned. Short for an accumulator, it is the term for a multiple bet that combines several different selections into one bet. The number of selections involved means that the payouts from the accumulator can regularly be quite lucrative, even with a modest stake.

This is a large reason why it is such a popular bet type as you don’t have to place large bets to potentially win a lot. There is a downside of course in that successfully pulling off an ambitious Acca is not an easy task. Indeed, many punters will have to experience their fair share of failed bets before they manage to pocket themselves a nice juicy win!

Although this is a very brief overview of what an accumulator bet is, keep on reading for a much more detailed explanation as well as answers to commonly asked Acca-related queries.


Dictionary and Magnifying Glass

When gambling, it is possible to place money on multiple different matches/races/contests all within the same bet. The number of events you choose will dictate the betting options available to you.

We’ve stopped here but you can get what the picture would be like for seven, eight, or really any number of selections. Technically, a double bet and a treble bet are both accumulators when you have two and three selections respectively on your bet slip. Typically though, the term ‘Acca’ is only used when discussing four or more combined selections.

When betting some bookmakers omit the word ‘accumulator’ from the bet type whereas others will only say ‘accumulator’ and not a number. As you can see from the pictures below, the actual wording you will see does vary across sites.

In all cases, though this is the same standard accumulator bet featuring four selections.

Every Selection Must Win

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As well as having more than four selections, the other key facet of an accumulator bet is that it requires just one single stake. This is why you will usually see ‘x1’ or ‘made of 1 bet’ on the bet slip. It means you are putting all your eggs in one basket, betting on every single selection to be successful.

Should even just one selection let you down then you will win absolutely nothing and say goodbye to your stake. Simply put, there is absolutely no margin of error in an accumulator bet as one ill-judged pick is enough to sabotage the entire bet.

Acca Example

Say we have a feeling it will be a good weekend for the home sides in the Premier League. So we have picked five host teams to all collect three points.

Accumulator Example Bet

Even though we have picked three fairly strong favorites and two far-from-unrealistic wins, this Acca bet would provide us with odds of 18.1/1 so a £1 bet would return £19.10. Your selections do not need to be played at the same time. They can be hours, days, or even weeks apart if you have such patience levels.

Acca payouts will differ across different sites slightly as each bookmaker has their own odds. But generally, you will find there is not a massive difference unless you are adding extremely unfancied options into the mix.

Each Way Accumulators

Each way betting is most common within horse racing although it is possible to place such bets across some other sports. Effectively they work in the same way as a normal accumulator bet but instead one having just one bet, you have two separate access running side by side.

The first is an accumulator involving all your selections to win their respective races. The other requires all your selections to place (finish in the top few positions). The reason we say few and have not specified a number is that each way terms vary depending on the type of race and how many horses are involved.

As you are effectively running two separate bets, an each-way Acca will cost you twice your stake. So, if you enter £1 into the stake box, the total bet cost will be £2. All your selections need to win to pocket all potential returns up for grabs. If some win and someplace, or all of them place, you will still get some money back only a small fraction.

Common Questions on Accumulators

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We’ve covered the basics of what an accumulator is and how to place an Acca online. But below is a collection of some of the more common questions asked about placing these types of bets.

What Happens if One of the Fixtures On My Acca is Postponed/Cancelled?

Nothing much happens here when a selection is canceled. This selection will simply be removed from the bet (made void) but the remaining selections will continue to stand.

By doing this your five-fold Acca will turn into a four-fold Acca or four-fold will turn into a treble, and so on. This will impact your potential winnings as the potential returns will be based on all remaining selections.

Can I Use a Free Bet on an Acca?

It will depend on the terms and conditions outlined by the particular bookmaker. However, in most cases, we have seen free bets are valid for access. It is not an unwise approach either given that with free bets, you do not get the stake back even if your bet wins.

If you use your free bet on a single bet and the event is voided, you would simply lose the free bet. In most cases, though sometimes bookies will be generous and give you another bite of the cherry if you contact their customer services team. At least with an accumulator, your bet would still stand, just in a reduced form.

Can My Acca Involve Selections from Different Sports?

Yes, in the vast majority of cases bookies are happy to accept multi-sport accumulators. So you fancy mixing your picks across horse racing, football, and tennis? There is nothing stopping you from taking advantage of your impressive well-rounded knowledge.

Can an Acca Contain Selections from the Same Event?

Most of the time, no. Because betting markets within one event are often related. You cannot form an accumulator bet using markets from the same game as the standard. Imagine a situation in which you could combine bets like Manchester United to win, Manchester United to win or draw, and Manchester United to win with a +1 handicap. It would allow punters to create huge odds all related to one outcome.

That said, some larger bookmakers do have ‘bet builder/build your bet’ features. It allows customers to choose from a select number of markets within a particular game. Thanks to these, it is possible to place an accumulator bet (of sorts) related to just one game. An example might be Rashford scoring first, under 7.5 corners, both teams scoring and Maguire being booked.

Can I Cash Out an Acca Bet?

Again, it depends on the bookmaker you are betting with and the markets you have chosen. But most of the time yes, it is possible to cash out an Acca bet. This applies no matter if all your selections are playing at the same time or if some are not until later in the day/week. As you can probably guess, if all selections are active at the same time then the cash-out price will be much more volatile. In between fixtures, the price should remain broadly stable. So you have more time to mull over whether a cash-out is worth taking.

During the 2021 Cheltenham Festival, one punter decided to take the cash-out offer of £250,000 ahead of the last leg on his five-race accumulator rather than risking it all for the £511,225 payout.

What is Acca Insurance?

Acca insurance is a promotion that many bookies offer their bettors to help blunt the blow of missing out on nailing an Acca. After all, there are few things more frustrating in a betting sense than seeing your Acca lose because one pick has failed.

The Acca insurance offer that a bookie will provide will usually refund players their stake if they are let down by a single leg. This means that if you placed a seven-fold Acca. And one match that you picked to end in a win for Bayern actually sees Hoffenheim win, then your bookie will refund your stake. However, if Manchester City were held to a draw by Leeds and you picked City to win, then two legs have now let you down. That means Acca insurance will not cover you unless it is provided for two legs. It is not the norm.

Also, keep in mind that Acca insurance will refund your stake as a free bet, and not real cash. This means that if you lost due to one leg, you would get your stake back. However, you will be unable to take that money out immediately after receiving it as it is refunded as a free bet.

How Do I Use Acca Insurance?

In a footballing sense, you simply need to head over to the football section of the site. Many bookies will show you which matches help to qualify you for Acca insurance. These almost always include the major leagues like the Premier League, Championship, Champions League, Europa League, Serie A, La Liga, and Bundesliga all covered.

To begin creating your Acca, simply add each selection to your bet slip. After you have selected enough picks to see you qualify for Acca insurance, you can place your stake amount. After ensuring that you have selected the right competitions and games to qualify, you need to confirm your bet. Next, you simply need to sit back and keep an eye on each of the games you have bet on. If you nail all of your picks, then you are quids in and can enjoy your winnings.

However, if your Acca loses because one side falls behind early and fails to win the game or is denied in a last-gasp finish, then your Acca insurance will kick in. As long as it is only one result that has let you down, your bookie will then refund your stake up to a certain amount.

How Much Could I Win with an Acca Bet?

This depends entirely on the odds of the selections you have added. To give you an example though, let’s say we wanted to back a series of slight favorites. All of these are trading at odds of 4/5, with a £5 bet.

Selection Odds Total Returns Four-fold Accumulator 9.5/1 £52.49 Five-fold Accumulator 17.9/1 £94.48 Six-fold Accumulator 36.8/1 £188.96 Seven-fold Accumulator 67/1 £340.12

If your selections were much trading shorter than 4/5 then your potential winnings would be less than the figures above. If the odds were greater, the potential winnings would also be higher.

Is Acca Insurance Worth Using?

Using Acca insurance is one way to give yourself some protection when it comes to making bigger bets. You will have seen the jubilant tweets and social media posts of the major winners boasting huge wins. But you will rarely see their losses.

Acca insurance will quite often have helped these bettors to stem the flow of defeats on these big bets. After all, what makes football so entertaining is how unpredictable it is. Betting on the league leaders and best teams from each league may look like a fairly good bet in theory. But shocks and surprises do happen.

By ensuring you have qualified for Acca insurance, you can help to make any potential losses smaller. And you can get some free bets for your trouble. All in all, if you are a huge Acca bettor or a punter that just likes a dabble, Acca insurance should be part of your betting armory.

Final Thought

Acca wagers are quite popular among customers on all the popular Sportsbook platforms. They are easy-to-place wagers and don’t require placing large stakes. But if you win, the benefits can be exhilarating. That is what people most enjoy about Acca bets. They have to potential to win a large amount with a small stake.

The bookmakers also attract people to this betting by providing Acca-related bonuses like Bet Boosts or Acca Insurance. There are Sportsbooks that offer Acca bonuses both online and offline. However, not all bookmakers make a habit of providing this type of bonus.

Don’t hesitate to try out Acca bets. And if you don’t like them, that’s okay, but you may end up enjoying them. Follow Footballterms to update more information about soccer rules.

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