What Is an American Football Field Size? (Full Explanation)

American Football Field Size: If you have known clearly about all the rules and techniques in the NFL, how do you know about the football field dimensions? How long is a football field? In this post, we’re going to discuss the American football field size.

What is an American football field size?

A football field size is 120 yards long. Each end zone is 10 yards (30 feet) deep, and the playing field is 100 yards (300 feet) long. Every five yards, people will mark the field with a yard line, and every ten yards, a field number. When the ball is in between the yard lines, the hash markings, which are spaced 1 yard apart, are used to denote each down.

Besides, 53 1/3 yards, or 160 feet, is the width of a typical football field. The distance between the two sets of hash marks is the main distinction between play levels:

  • High school –  53 feet, 4 inches
  • College – 40 feet
  • NFL – 18 feet, 6 inches

On or between the hash marks, depending on where the previous play ended, each new play begins. The ball will be on the right hash mark, for instance, if the previous play ended near the right sideline.

Previously, the goalposts of the NFL football fields were positioned on the goal lines. It lasts for more than 40 years after those initial regulation modifications went into force. After numerous accidents that resulted in scores of injuries, finally, they agree to move the goalposts to the back of the end zones in 1974. However, in Canada, goalposts still sit on the goal lines.

While some of the changes in dimensions have been more incremental and barely recognized, others have been more revolutionary. Regardless of its size, every adjustment has been a part of the sport’s ongoing efforts to better player safety, the game, and the fan experience.


Why is an NFL football field size in yards?

It’s interesting to note that the field was formerly measured in feet when football first started. The lengthy length of the field, however, meant that measuring in feet was too difficult over time. Also, this system of measurement eventually proved too onerous. As a result, people consider American football field size in yards because it was a simpler, more convenient unit of measurement for the game.

Obviously, yards are distinct units of measurement that may be used to segment the playing area into corresponding pieces. Therefore yards are a more useful unit of measurement in football. Football’s playing field is exactly 300 feet long, excluding the two end zones. The playing area has a total length of 100 yards. This number can divide into 10 groups of 10 yards each.

As a result, it is simple to mark the field every 10 yards with a number, starting at the number closest to the end zone and increasing by 10 each time until both sets of numbers meet at 50 in the middle of the field. With this type of measurement, the field is simple to understand. Moreover, all players and coaches have a much clearer visual framework to work with when formulating strategy.

How long are the yard lines?

To help teams and spectators know where they are on the field, yard lines are put on the field in five-yard intervals beginning at the goal line, with 10-yard intervals gaining numbers and an orange field marking along the sidelines.

The yard lines span the playing field and come together at the 50-yard line. It begins at zero, increases to fifty, then decreases once at the opposite end before beginning again at zero.

Field goal dimensions

When players become older, the field and the field goal sizes both alter. The altered field goal dimensions make it more difficult for kickers to make field goals.

The height of the crossbar is one constant. The posts on either side are another 20 feet tall, increasing the overall height to 30 feet. All crossbars are 10 feet above the ground. The goalposts are 18.5 feet apart for NCAA and NFL games, but they are 23 feet, and 4 inches apart during high school games.

Sum up

In summary, the question “how long is the football field” has been dealt with. Although measuring a field in yards may seem pointless to some viewers, it really makes it simpler to follow the game. The field’s 10-yard markings are clearly visible, especially for spectators on the upper deck. If you are a football fan, you can not miss the website footballterms which provides numerous latest news.

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