What is left tackle position in football?

Left tackle position: The strongest position on the offensive line is a tackle. They move swiftly and with agility to power their blocks which left tackles in football demand high standards. This article will provide all the necessary information about this position.

What is a left tackle in football?

left tackle position

Generally, a left tackle plays on the offensive line’s left side and blocks for the quarterback and runs back. This is the offensive line’s most closely watched player since his responsibility is guarding the blind side of most teams’ valued quarterbacks. The left tackle position must be skillful in all other offensive line duties, including run and zone blocking, scraping, and occasionally pulling, in addition to being a designated pass protector.

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The role of the left tackle position


Left tackle football is one of the hardest positions. As most quarterbacks are right-handed, they turn to the left side of the field when they drop back to pass. In most offenses, the blindside is on the left side of the field. The issue is that the left tackle position also has other responsibilities, such as stopping strong defensive tackles on running plays. The majority of offensive tackles weigh over 300 pounds, making them enormous men. They are frequently the fastest players on the field but also the weakest.

How to play in the position of left tackle football?

Physical size, strength, and agility are critical requirements for this position. Let’s find out the attributes and how to become a good left tackle.

Create a balanced posture

Get into a balanced three-point stance by distributing your weight evenly. Passing a block will be more challenging if you shift your weight forward. You will move off the line to run and block more slowly if you shift your weight backward. Use a left-handed posture if you can to make it simpler to stop outside speed rushers.

Developing techniques

The left tackle position requires those who are typically more athletic than right tackles and must have quick feet. Become an expert at the kick slide so you can shift inside to fend off tricks and twists while containing outside pass rushers. React after striking with your hands before striking again with a solid “hand punch.” To increase your leverage and prevent defenders from getting into your body, keep them at arm’s length. Become adept at tying up defenders around their torsos so that you can control them without being penalized for holding.

Stay the mental elements healthy

Study your opponent, become well-versed in the playbook, and become familiar with the tendencies of the guy across from you. Know how many snaps each play has, and keep an ear out for alterations that are called at the line of scrimmage. Every time you line up, scan the defense and make the necessary adjustments. Keep your composure while maintaining a competitive edge. Fight on until the referee blows the final whistle.

Keep bigger, stronger, and faster

This position needs to be large, powerful, and quick. Strengthen your entire body, including your legs, core, and upper body. The bench press, front squats, and back squats are effective entry-level exercises. Split lifts, medicine ball push-ups, and pull-ups are also advantageous. Build your agility with exercises like ladder drills and other similar ones that keep you agile as you gain weight.

The best left tackles of all time

Anthony Munoz

In the NFL’s history, Anthony Munoz stands out as the best left tackle position to ever play the position. From 1980 through 1992, Munoz was a member of the Cincinnati Bengals. He tried to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for his 14th NFL season, but injuries stopped him from ever taking the field for them.

Roosevelt Brown

From 1953 until 1965, Brown was a lineman with the New York Giants. Brown was 255 pounds and 6’3″ tall. Brown was the epitome of a sleeper because he was selected 321st overall in the 27th round of the 1953 NFL selection.

For thirteen years, Brown served as the Giants’ starting left tackle. In 1956, Brown was named NFL Lineman of the Year, and in 1975, he was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. 

Jonathan Ogden

Another NFL left tackle who was so outstanding is Jonathan Ogden. He appeared in the NFL Films list of the 100 Greatest Players of All-Time

Ogden played in the NFL for twelve seasons, appearing in 11 Pro Bowls and nine All-Pro games. He was chosen for the NFL All-Decade team in 2000. Ogden will without a doubt be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame as soon as he is eligible for election.

Willie Roaf

Willie Roaf weighed 320 pounds and was 6’5” tall. Throughout his 13-year NFL career, Roaf was able to dominate defensive ends and linebackers because of his size, power, and athleticism.

When Roaf was elected to the Hall of Fame, he had only entered his second year of eligibility. He is regarded as one of the best left tackles in history for this reason, among many others.

Peter Skoronski

After Rashawn Slater graduated at the conclusion of the 2020 season, Skoronski became the starting left tackle position. He has made 15 starts, and in 2021, he was a candidate for the Outland Trophy. Skoronski is now number 23 in the NIL 100 rankings with a NIL valuation of $763,000.

In short, this position is indispensable position and plays an important role in the squad. In addition, it also requires a lot of skills as well as good physical strength. If you are a big fan of American football, feel free to join the website American football terms to update more on this kind of sport.

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