What Is Neck Roll Football and How Does It Protect Players?

Neck roll football: The tremendous hits and collisions in the game provide a lot of fascination, but for the players, those same major impacts and collisions can frequently have negative long-term effects on their bodies. To help reduce the number of injuries that football players suffer in various areas of their bodies, new research and technologies continuously appear. This has led to the invention of things like a neck roll football.

What is a neck roll in football?

A thick piece of vinyl or nylon- or foam-padded padding known as a neck roll football adds an additional layer of protection that can stabilize your neck and head and lessen your risk of suffering an injury during impact on the field.

This is how it works:

  • Straps are intended to secure neck rolls to shoulder pads.
  • This equipment will fit around the rear of the shoulder pads along the neckline of the jersey once fastened.

It’s easy to determine the proper size. There are child and adult sizes that aim to fasten your shoulder pads. These even come in larger adult sizes in certain cases.

The only thing to watch out for is whether your shoulder pads allow you to achieve the desired one. Some companies make their neck rolls. Therefore, they can also be worn as shoulder pads. therefore read the description before purchasing.

Additionally, not every type of player or every position player needs a certain neck guard. The cowboy collars with the thinner profile is the one to choose if you want more head flexibility. The thicker is what you should use if you require extra support.

Benefits of neck roll football

Some of the most horrifying and serious injuries sustained by football players are head and neck injuries. The physical nature of the game can cause significant injuries at all levels if players do not wear the right equipment. Therefore these problems are not unique to the professional level. They are made to give an extra layer of protection for players during collisions and to aid in neck stabilization.

In honor of former Cowboys fullback Daryl Johnston, the neck roll, often known as the “Cowboy Collar,” gained popularity in the 1980s and 1990s. The cowboy collars gained notoriety as a piece of equipment worn by tough players thanks to the gridiron appearances of many NFL tough guys like Howie Long and Johnston.

Due to changing fashion trends and better pad technology, they have become less common in the modern NFL. To avoid stingers, a sensation that can happen when players move their heads too quickly. Some athletes still choose to wear neck rolls. A tackle when the victim’s “shoulder is forced one way while his head and neck are forced the other” can also result in them. These plays can cause serious injuries to players.

Types of neck roll

Main types

Contoured neck roll: They come in sizes ranging from an inch to three inches depending on the height of the horseshoe-shaped back piece. Although the ties that hold these rolls to the cushions are usually included with the neck roll, they are not always. Youth models often cost $50 or less.

Round ones: They are similar to the contoured ones, however, some players might prefer the smaller design. This type offers a lightweight choice that can offer comfort and protection. Normally, the materials are foam and mesh. They often cost less than $30.

Butterfly restrictor: The butterfly restrictor is a more substantial neck roll football that can shield the wearer from stings without obstructing their eyesight or comfort. The majority of butterfly restrictors must be screwed directly into the pads. Besides, they typically only function with similar pads made by the same manufacturer. They are between $50 and $70.

Differences between contoured and round neck rolls

Players of all ages have been using round and contoured types from companies like Adams Football for decades, and NFL players continue to widely use them in all leagues. They have a horse collar-like shape and work well in preventing stingers and burns.

Although these collars come in two standard shapes (rounded and flat-contoured foam), there is no obvious difference in how they perform. Both rounded and squared collars appear to equally well cradle the neck and head.

The material of both is sturdy foam. And the tight ties that come with each roll are used to secure them to the shoulder pads. In general, the decision of shape simply comes down to personal preference and how comfortable it is on the neck.

When playing American football, a neckroll is a crucial piece of equipment to help prevent neck injuries. The neckroll’s proper sizing and suitability for your shoulder pads are crucial. If you find this post helpful and would like to update more on the NFL, visiting the website Footballterms will absolutely satisfy your passion.

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