What Is Pat Football Meaning? A Complete Guide For Beginner

In an American football match, there are many different methods to score. They can be PATs, safeties, field goals, and touchdowns. You might have heard about safety or field goals before, but do you know anything about PATs? What is PAT football meaning? Follow the article below for details.

What does pat mean in football?

After a touchdown in football is pat meaning football. A touchdown results in six points being awarded to the winning team. After scoring a touchdown, they have the option of kicking the ball short for a one-point conversion or attempting to run it in from the two-yard line for a two-point conversion.

Teams almost always decide to attempt the one-point convert, which is why a touchdown typically yields seven points. Six for the actual touchdown and one for the extra point.

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Important PAT football means rules

Important PAT football means rules

At every level of football, the fundamental guidelines for PAT football meaning are the same. A placekicker gets the chance to make a kick through the uprights after scoring a score.

The group will form in a place kick configuration as usual. A holder receives the ball from the long snapper and sets it down on the field on one of its tips. The placekicker will then try to place the ball between the goalpost’s two uprights. If it succeeds, the team receives a total of six points; if it fails, the team receives only six points.

How far is the kick?

How far is the kick?

The kicker will typically place the ball approximately 7 yards behind that location. The goalposts are also 10 yards beyond the goal line, in the back of the end zone. Therefore, the P.A.T meaning football will be the same as a 20-yard field goal in youth, high school, and college football.

Following is a breakdown of this:

  • The ball is located three (3) yards from the goal line by the officials.
  • The kicker must then place the ball approximately seven (7) yards behind them after the long snapper snaps it there.
  • Ten yards past the goal line are the goalposts.


Can you fake a PAT football meaning in the NFL?

In the NFL, a PAT football meaning can be faked. A team may position itself for a one-point PAT kick before attempting to score two points.

The offense will have to snap the ball at the 15-yard line and complete a throw or run into the end zone from there if they prepare for the kick, though. Because the defense is not anticipating it, the offense will have more time to run the play as the defense rushes to stop it. The offensive has some time to make up for the lost yardage thanks to the surprise.

Can you fake a PAT football meaning in the NFL?

Here is something useful:

Fake a touchback

One strategy to fake an extra point in college football is to spike the ball after it has crossed the goal line for a touchback. You can improve your position in the game by using this tactic. By spiking the ball, you give yourself a chance to score and deny your rival the chance to score.

Fake a long field goal attempt that goes wide right or left

In college football, a long field goal attempt that misses wide right or left can be utilized to fake an extra point. The majority of teams won’t want to forfeit an easy point on the scoreboard, so this tactic works. The ability to successfully fake an extra point can provide your team with a significant competitive edge.

Try and score on a defensive snap

Attempting to score on a defensive snap is another strategy for a college football player to fake an extra point. Teams frequently punt when they are trailing by one or two points, giving you a decent chance to try to score on a defensive snap.

NFL extra point career leaders

NFL extra point career leaders

List of the most NFL career extra point leaders

Kickers are the guys who rack up the most extra points since they are given the chance to do so after almost every touchdown. Much more frequently than teams trying for a two-point convert, extra points are kicked.

Here are the top 10 NFL career extra-point leaders:

Player Career Extra Points Made Years Played
George Blanda 943 1949-1975
Adam Vinatieri 874 1996-2019
Morten Andersen 849 1982-2007
Gary Anderson 820 1982-2004
Lou Groza 810 1946-1967
Stephen Gostkowski 699 2006-2020
Jason Elam 675 1993-2009
Mason Crosby 668 2007-2021
Jason Hanson 665 1992-2012
Norm Johnson 638 1982-1999

Record for PATs made in a row

Record for PATs made in a row

Stephen Gostkowski now holds the record for the most field goals made in a row with 523. From 2006 until 2019, he was a player with the New England Patriots. 479 of the extra points were made during regular-season games, with the remaining ones coming during postseason contests.

When he was a rookie, his streak began in the postseason of 2006 and continued for almost ten seasons. The run came to an end on January 24, 2016, when he failed to make a kick against Denver in the AFC Championship game, according to CBS Sports.

Matt Stover previously held the record for the most consecutive extra points in regular-season games with 422. According to ESPN, Gostkowski surpassed Stover’s mark in Week 3 of the 2015 campaign.

Now, you are aware of PAT football’s meaning and its rules. American football is an interesting sport. There are more fascinating things to explore about this. If you are keen on this, please follow our website American football terms to expand your knowledge of American football.

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