What Is The End Zone In Football? (2022 Update)

It is important to comprehensively understand not only the main rules to avoid penalties, but also the end zone in football to get a higher score. Not many people truly know what end zone football is and how to score correctly. Don’t worry, this article is here to answer this.

What does the end zone in football mean?

The scoring area on the field between the end line and goal line, bordered by the sidelines, is the end zone in football. It is on the opposing side of the field. A white line denoting its beginning and ending locations surrounds it. Besides, orange square pylons are positioned at each of its four corners to serve as visual indicators.

The width of each area between the two sidelines is one hundred and sixty (160) feet. The depth of each zone is ten (10) yards from the goal line to the back of this area (the same width as the field itself).

About one-sixth of the field is made up of end zones. A football field is a total of one hundred and twenty (120) yards long. The width is one hundred and sixty (160) feet. In addition, the field goal uprights are out of bounds in the back of this area, in the exact center.

Scoring in the end zone in football

In American football, a team can score points in three different ways: through touchdowns, field goals, and safeties. Each method of scoring has a name and a set number of points associated with it. A safety often is worth two points, a field goal is for three, and a touchdown is worth six points.


When a player has possession of the ball and it crosses the goal line of the opposing team, it’s a touchdown. Additionally, it is when a player has possession of the ball in the opponent’s end zone. Any portion of the ball that touches an imaginary plane over the goal line while it is in possession results in a touchdown.

Field goals

The team with the ball, the offense, may be able to kick a field goal if it fails to score a touchdown. Typically, a team won’t try to make a field goal until it has failed to score a touchdown while still in possession of the ball. The only exception is when the team is down by three points or fewer with minutes remaining in the contest. For instance, if the offensive team is already near enough to attempt a reasonably simple field goal in the last seconds of a tied game, it might opt not to try to score a touchdown.


The least frequent scoring opportunity in football is safety. The team gets it without possessing the ball. It happens when an offensive player with the ball is tackled and leaves the field of play. Also committing a penalty in the offensive team’s end zone is another case of safety. However, if a player obtains control of the ball in his team’s end zone and leaves this area before being tackled or going out of bounds, it is not a safety.

End zone line

Football has an end line that runs down the back of each end zone. Typically, it is 6 feet broad. In this area, there is a goalpost for each team. It extends from sideline to sideline across the entire field. A player is not regarded to be on the field of play after crossing the finish line and leaving the field.

How to design the end zone in football?

The majority of professional and collegiate teams paint their name, logo, or both on the end zone’s surface, with the team’s colors making up the background. The names of the opposing teams will be on one of the opposing end zones. This is to remember several championships and bowl games at the collegiate and professional levels. Some leagues allow for the placement of local, national, or bowl game sponsors’ logos in this area in addition to bowl games. There are no fully painted this area in the CFL. However, some of them do have team logos or sponsors. 

End zones are frequently left unadorned. In some other situations, they have simple white diagonal stripes placed several yards apart in place of colors and decorations, especially at smaller high schools and colleges. The Pittsburgh Steelers are one notable example of this design at a higher level. They preserved their diagonal-line end zone décor at Heinz Field after a strong fan response.

In short, end zone football is the area associated with getting scores. Players will have the opportunity to earn higher points for their team if fully know about this area. There are also some essential factors to help a team win a game. Visit our website footballterms to find out more.

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